Department of Botany

Head of Department:
Yakubenko Boris Y.

Doctor of Biology, Professor

The department of botany was created in 1898 by professor E. Votchal in the Kyiv polytechnic institute at agricultural department. In that time S. Navashin, І.Тоlmatschev, М. Cinger, Yu. Wagner, V. Zalenskiy and other prominent scientists worked in department.
The second period of development of botany was in the independently separated Kyiv agriculture institute (during 1925 – 1954). In this period on a department worked prof. S. Navashin, P. Оksiyuk, Ya. Roll.
Third period of development of department of botany in the Ukrainian agricultural academy – UAA (1954 – 1994р.). In that period on a department worked such well-known scientists as P. Оksiyuk, M. Rizhutin, E. Kondratiuk, I.Hryhora. In 80th of last century the doctor of biological sciences, professor А.Grodzinskiy worked on the department. Later prof. P. Tsarenko, P. Ustimenko, had a ponderable contribution to the advanced and scientifically-methodical studies of department.
A period of development of the department in National Agrarian University (1994 – 2008). In this time I.Hryhora and O. Pidyura worked on theoretical and practical methods in geobotany and made their works. The article of scientific researches were theoretical questions of geobotany, in particular the theoretical grounds of changes of bogs vegetation in anthropogenic impact (prof. І.Hryhora). Geobotanical direction of scientific researches nowedays presently in scientific works of prof. B.Yakubenko.
M. Rizhutin, E. Kondratiuk,  (1956 – 2006) above half a century worked on the department of botany. During 20 years with the interruptions prof. I.Hryhora was the head of department of botany and all this time he worked as a teacher, methodist and scientist, developed new direction of geobotany – "forests bog science", he is author of 4 textbooks, a few monographs and more, than 150 scientific and methodical works.
Other well known scientist – prof. O. Pidyura worked on the department from 1979 include 2002 year. His researches were sanctified to the problems of systematization and evolution of plants with application of modern methods of researches: molecular-genetic markers, polen-morphologycal and other. Over 90 scientific works are published them in that number 6 monographs (he is member  of authors of 4th volumes of "Atlas of flora of Europe").
The modern period of development of department of botany begins from 2008. In this time on the department B.Yakubenko made his dissertation work.  The article of scientific researches were problems of genesis, dynamics of flora and vegetation of Forest-steppe of Ukraine, preserving and rational use and restoration of natural meadows and antropogenic transformed. PhD A. Tertishniy worked in the modern state of flora and vegetation of natural forage lands of north left-bank geobotanical district in Forest-Steppe condition. Also dr. S. Shabarova and dr. V.Lushpa worked in the department, their works include information about medical plants, investigation of natural vegetation, type of plants growing etc.

Nowedays phD’s O. Serga, M. Belynska preparing their works. In more than centyry period of existence of department, the found of Herbarium, that present over 20 thousand folias of herbarium, was created, that embraces 2700 types of plants more than, representing floristic diversity from  different parts of the Eurasian continent.
In different years the department of botany was headed by prof. E. Votchal, S. Navashin, P. Оksiyuk, M. Rizhutin, E. Kondratiuk,  M. Rizhutin, I. Hrygora, G.Solohubova, О. Pidyura. From 2000 the department of botany is headed by the professor B. Yakubenko.
Nowedays in the deparment works: the headof departament, professor B.Yakubenko, associate professors : І. Аleinikov, L. Меzhenska, А. Теrtyshniy, phD in botany А. Churilov, head of laboratory O. Меdvedtschuk and laboratory assistants - I. Harus, V. Mezhenii. The scientists of department have a lot of patents and copyright certificates on the plant varieties.
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