Department histology, cytology and embryology

Address: 03041, Kyiv, str. Polkovnika Potehina, 14, educational building 12

Tel.: (044) 527-80-16, 527-89-55

Head of Department:
Khomych Vladimir T.

Doctor of Veterinary Science, Professor, Honored Worker of Veterinary Medicine of Ukraine, Academician of Higher Education Academy of Ukraine


     The Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology was established in 1921. At the head of the department in different times were: prof. O.G. Chernyakhivskyy, prof. A.A. Ivakin, prof. P.N. Lemishko, prof. B.I. Deykun, prof. N.A. Romankevych, prof. S.D. Shakhov, associate prof. A.P. Mukhina, prof. E.G. Beznosenko. In 1969 the department was merged with the Department of Anatomy, which was headed by prof. G.A. Himmelreich and prof. S.K. Rudic. Since 1995, the newly created department is headed by Professor V.T. Khomych.


      The main purpose and objectives of the department are to provide high level of bachelors and masters training in specialties "Veterinary Medicine", "Technology of production and processing of animal products", "Aquatic Bioresources", organization and conduction of scientific work to date, implementation of its results in the production, training of scientific personnel, cultural and educational activities with students.


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