Department of higher mathematics named after M.P. Kravchuk

Address: 19 Str. General Rodimtsev, educational building 11, room 36/1, 25 Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine.

Tel.: (044) 527-87-27, 5278229

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of Department:
Yu.I. Ivanova

Associate Professor, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences


General information
The department of higher mathematics was founded in 1954.

The Department staff:
3 doctors and professors  ̶ V.P. Legeza , Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, V.F. Meish,  Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Professor, I.M. Sulyma  Professor;
3 associate professors ̶ Yu.I. Ivanova , V.I., V.I. Sliusarenko , L.I. Sklepowa ;
4 senior lecturers ̶ Tsiupii T.I, Arnaut N.V., Savchuk S.G., M.Y. Ruzhylo ;
1 assistant ̶ Dibrivna E.I.

Educational activities
The teachers of the department provide training  to students of 12 faculties of NULES of Ukraine in the academic disciplines: higher mathematics, mathematics for economists, higher mathematics with the elements of professional direction in three languages - Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Research and innovation activities
The staff annually publish about 20 scientific articles, participate in international, Ukrainian and university conferences,  conduct research in the state budget theme: "Mathematical design of influence of static and dynamic factors on the state of the soil environment".

Cultural and Educational Activity
The teachers organize various cultural and educational events: contests in mathematics, educational talks with students.

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