Department of higher mathematics named after M.P. Kravchuk

Address: 18 Heroyiv Oborony str., educational building 11, room 333, Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine.

Tel.: (044) 527-82-29

Head of Department:

Associate Professor, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.


General information
The department of higher mathematics was founded in 1954, when Kyiv agricultural and Ukrainian forest institutes united into Ukrainian agricultural academy .

The Department staff:
3 doctors and professors ̶ Legasa V.P., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Meysh V.F. Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Professor, Sulyma I.M. Professor;
3 associate professors ̶ Ivanova Yu.I., V.I., Slusarenko V.I., Sklepowa L.I.;
4 senior lecturers ̶ Tsupii T.I, Arnaut N.V., Savchuk S.G., Ruzhilo M.Y.;
1 assistant ̶ Dibrivna E.I.

Educational activities
The teachers of department train students of 12 faculties of NULES of Ukraine, give general and professionally oriented lecture courses in three languages - Ukrainian, Russian, English.
The Department provides training in the academic disciplines: higher mathematics, mathematics for economists, higher mathematics with the elements of professional aspiration.
Research and innovation activities
About 20 scientific articles are  published annually. Every year all teachers of department participate in international, all Ukrainian and university conferences. The department conducts research work on the state budget theme: "Mathematical design of influence of static and dynamic factors on the state of the soil environments".

Cultural and Educational Activity
Cultural and educational activities are realized through individual work of teachers with students and organization of various cultural and educational events, namely: organization of the first stage of Olympiad in mathematics, preparation of the winner of the first stage of Olympiad to participate in all Ukrainian Olympiad,  educational talks with students.



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