Department of Ukrainian, English and Latin Languages named after M.O. Drai-Khmary

Address: 16 Potekhina Str., educational building 12, room 418h, Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine

Tel.: (044) 527-83-63

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of Department:
Bezpalenko A.M.

Doctor of Linguistics, Associate Professor


The Department staff:
2 doctors and professors – Bezpalenko A.M., Kiral S.S.;
6 Associate professors – Bykova H.P., Grabovska T.O., Grytsenko T.B., Vakulyk I.I.,
Tepla O.M., Mazur T.V.;
7 Senior Lecturers − Syrotin O.S., Diadechko L.A., Pankratova O.L., Perevalska M.A., Fursova N.M., Balalaieva O.Yu., Shyshkova L. S.;
9 Assistants – Malinkina V.L., Kosinoha L.V., Shvidchenko A.V., Lashkul V.A.,
Holik N.M., Hryhorenko N.O., Myshak O.O., Diachuk O.V., Vozniuk T.M.

General information
The department of Ukrainian, English and Latin Languages named after M.O. Drai-Khmary was established in 1928.

Educational activities
The Department provides training for full-time and part-time students for Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree as well as post-graduate students in the following subjects: Ukrainian for Professional Purposes, Ukrainian for Post-graduate Students, Ukrainian as a Foreign Language, Russian as a Foreign Language, Public Speech, Modern Ukrainian Literature, English for Special Purposes, Latin, Ukrainian Studies, History of Foreign Literature.
The Department conducts basic types of classes (lectures, laboratories, practical classes, seminars, individual tutorials and consultations) on the following faculties: Pedagogical, Veterinary Medicine, Mechanization and Automation of Agriculture, Forestry, Ecology and Biotechnology, Agricultural Management, Economic, Land Management, Agrobiological, Department of Plant Protection, Quality and Standardization, Technology of Production and Processing of Animal Products, Landscape Architecture, Food Technology and Quality Control of Agricultural Products, Marketing, International Management, Law, Agronomy, Fruit and Vegetable Growing, Water Bioresources and Aquaculture, The Processes, Machines and Euipment of Agricultural Production, Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies, Electrical Engineering, Transportation Technology.

Research and innovation activities
The Department is engaged in research of the following fields: language theory, psycholinguistics, Slavic, Ukrainian, German and Roman linguistics, pedagogic, methodology of language teaching, theory and history of literature, gender studies.
An ongoing workshop “Promovy Pro Movy” was established by A.M. Bezpalenko with the support of D.O. Melnychuk and V.A.Kopilevych. Within the context of this workshop many outstanding contemporary scientists lectured on relevant topics.

International events and links
Teachers of English section regularly attend English Тeaching Recourse Centre (ETRC) workshops and seminars given by American scientists and teachers at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy with the support of American Embassy in Ukraine.


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