Department of Philosophy

Address: 03041 Kyiv, Geroiv Oborony str. 19, educational building № 10,office 408

Tel.: (044) 527-82-39

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of Department:
Chekal L.A.

PhD in Philosophy, Professor


General Information
The department was established in 1930s, but since 1957 it has been a separate unit. Doctor of Science in Philosophy, Professor V.I. Kolodiazhny was its first head
Later, the department was led by Professor М.О. Logvin, a merited worker of higher education of Ukrainian SSR, Doctor of Science in Philosophy, Professor V.P. Kliuchnikov, a merited worker of higher education, Doctor of Science in Philosophy, Professor B.А. Golovko, Doctor of Science in Philosophy and Professor A.M. Cherniy.
Since August 2000 and up to present the department has been headed by Professor L.A. Chekal, PhD in Philosophy.

Educational activities
The main objective of the department activity is to teach the normative disciplines: “Philosophy”, “Religion Science” and “Logics” for undergraduate students and PhD students both full-time and correspondence educational forms, as well as “Philosophy of Science and innovation development” for students at master level.

Scientific activities, innovation and research
The area of scientific interest includes research in philosophy of techniques and social philosophy.
During almost five decades of its existence the department of philosophy, as a general university unit, has been focusing on improving pedagogical and lecturing skills of its staff.
Today, the department focuses on a wide range of philosophical issues. Their aim is to realize a new approach to teaching philosophy in a higher education institution according to the requirements of reforms in higher education by Bologna program. The principal methodological basis in teaching philosophical disciplines is combination of historical-chronological and problematic approach. The proposed problematic approach foresees outlining the general problems related to dialectics, logics, epistemology, and philosophy of science.
Together with Institute of Philosophy named after G. Skovoroda of National Academy of Sciences the Department of Philosophy organizes annual scientific-methodological seminar „Science and education at the turn of the century”. Within the last three years the department has organized three scientific-practical conferences resulted in publication of research papers collections.

International contacts and links
The department takes an active part at different scientific conferences. In particular, annual international conference “Days of Science at the Faculty of Philisophy” at Kyiv National University named after T. Shevchenko, in international scientific-theoretical conferences organized by Institute of Philosophy named after G. Skovoroda of National Academy of Sciences and others.

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