Material and Technical Base

         The National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is based in Holosiyvo – one of the most picturesque places of Kyiv.

      For theoretical and practical purposes the University provides students with 17 educational buildings also educational, scientific-educational and industrial-training laboratories, that are located in separated subdivisions of NULES  in training and research farms and research stations in  Kyiv, Chernigiv, Ternopil region and in Autonomous Republic (AR) Crimea. All have modern facilities that are used for the student’s quality training.
            Students have asses to a modern scientific library. It numbers approximately about 1 million books, among them 400 thousand – textbooks and manuals and 607 thousand – scientifically literature. The student’s campus includes 14 dormitories, providing accommodation to about 80 percent of NULES students. There are also canteens, refreshment rooms, cafeterias etc.
The training and research centres and research farms also provide students accommodations during the practical training namely:
- Agricultural Research Station – 120 persons
- Velyka Snitynka Training and research Farm named after O.V.Muzychenko  110 persons,
- Boyarka Forestry Research Station – 120 persons,
- Training and Research Farm “Vorzel” – 75 persons,
- Frunze National Pedigree Poultry Raising Farm (АR Crimea) – 50 persons,
-Training and Research Centre of Biology and Ecology of subtropical plants and Landscape architecture of NULES of Ukraine (AR Crimea) – 70 persons.
     The Sport complex of the University has an outdoor up-to-date stadium and a gym to fully practice different sports.

         The university also comprises the Ukrainian Laboratory of Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products, the Ukrainian institute of Agricultural Radiology, State Research and Design institute “Konservpromkompleks” (Odessa) and others.
    The university also includes:
- The southern branch of NULES – Crimean Agro Technological University AR Crimea) and also separate units of NULES of Ukraine  12 regional higher educational establishments of the I – III accreditation level in different regions of Ukraine Berezhany Agrotechnical Institute (Ternopil region), Nizhin Agrotechnical Institute (Chernigiv region), Irpin Economical College, Nemishayewo Agrarian College, Boyarka College of Ecology and Natural Resourses (Kyiv region), Zalishchyky Agrarian College named after E. Khraplyvy (Ternopil region), Borovytsa State Agricultural and Economic Technical School (Chernihiv region), Mukachevo Agrarian College (Transcarpathian region), Pribrezhne Agrarian College, Crimean Agro industrial College, Bakhchisaray Building Technical School, Crimean Technical School of Hydromelioration and Farm Mechanization (AR Crimea) and 5 educational-informational and consulting stations(EICS) : Tarashchansky EICS (Kyiv region) Bobrovitsky EICS (Chernihiv region.) Lubensky EICS (Poltava region.) Malyn EICS (Zhitomir region). and Mukachevo EICS (Transcarpathian region).
Each regional institution has their own educational buildings, dormitories, research stations and fields, training and research farms etc.

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