Department of Surgery and Pathophysiology named after acad. I.O. Povazhenko

Address: 03127, Kyiv, Potehin str.16, ed. building № 12, room 208

Tel.: (044) 527-88-68

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of department:
Mykola O. Malyuk

Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor


The Department of Surgery was established in 1923 as part of the Kiev Veterinary Institute.
In 1993, the Department of Surgery was named after its head during 1937-1977 years, academician I.O. Povazhenko. In different years the department was headed by professors V.I. Steletsky, K.I. Turkevych, S.I. Bratyukha, V.B. Borysevych. From 1999 till to 2012  the department was headed by prof. O. Petrenko, from 2012 till to 2015 - by docent V. Doroshchuk, from 2015 till to 2016 - by prof. V. Sukhonos. In 2017 the head of the department became prof. M. Malyuk.
Today the scientific and pedagogical work at the department is carried out by: professors V.P. Sukhonos, A.Y. Mazurkevych; associate professors V.O. Doroshchuk, S.M. Tkachenko, V.B. Danilov, P.K. Solonin, M.A. Kulida, V.V. Tkachenko, Yu.O. Kharkevych; assistant D.V. Tarnavsky, V.V. Klymchuk, R.R. Bokotko. The members of the department have prepared and defended 15 doctoral and more than 50 candidate's theses. The staff of the department published more than 20 monographs, 22 textbooks, received more than 40 patents and patent certificates, and published more than 1700 articles.
The scientific and pedagogical staff of the department work on the development of methods of endoscopic diagnostics and surgical treatment of animals with surgical pathology, pathology of the organ of vision, over fixation methods, stimulation of healing of wounds, welding of biological tissues, study the peculiarities of surgical pathology in conditions of radioactive contamination, as well as the development and introduction in veterinary practice the methods of cryogenic surgery, use of carbon dioxide for general anesthesia of animals. The scientists of the department researches the biological properties of stem cells of animals, introduce cellular technologies and safe methods of hemotransfusion in veterinary practice.


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