Research Institute of Economics and Management of Agroindustrial Production

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Mikola P. Talavyrya

Dr., Professor

Research Institute of Economics and Management of agricultural production was established in 2001. In 2001-2005 it was headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor. M.M. Ilchuk. From 2005 to 2011 it was headed by PhD, Professor., Acad. Of NAAN Ukraine, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, O.M. Shpychak. Now director of the Research Institute of Economics and Management of agricultural production is the candidate of economic sciences, associate professor N.P. Talavyrya.
The scientific potential of research institutes are 2 academicians of NAAN of Ukraine, 5 corresponding members of NAAN of Ukraine, 35 doctors, 185 PhDs, 5 doctors, more than 140 graduate students of various forms of education, more than 60 scientists without a degree.
Areas of research and innovation activities:
-             Conduct research aimed at the transformation of organizational and economic relations in agriculture to socially-oriented market conditions, taking into account the requirements of the WTO and the EU;
-             Determining the cost-effectiveness of alternative biofuels in the context of food and energy security of Ukraine;
-             Integration of research and learning process;
-             The training of scientific personnel;
-             Ensure the implementation of the current level of scientific research;
-             Rapid response to requests from relevant ministries and agencies to address the economic problems of agriculture;
-             Organization and holding of scientific conferences.
Results of scientific research:
-             Methodological approaches to define the minimum and maximum levels of intervention prices for agricultural and food products.
-             Annual analysis of current conditions and forecast markets for major agricultural products and foodstuffs.
-             Algorithms for determining the thresholds and levels of economic viability of agricultural products for biofuels.
-             Analysis and Forecast of retail prices for basic foodstuffs.
-             Biosocial concept of development strategy of social and labor relations in the countryside today.
-             Designed and implemented the system of training of heads and village councils as a factor of rural development.
-             The concept of creation of a developed financial and credit system of agribusiness.
-             Developed and submitted for approval to the State Treasury separate national regulations (standards) accounting in the public sector.
-             Proposals for adapting the Ukrainian legislation in the sphere of foreign trade activities in accordance with generally accepted standards in the WTO.
-             The rationale for government support of livestock and settlement needs of the budget (yearly), participation in the development of the State Program on development of livestock 2015
-             Regulation on the consensus of the commission costs, prices and incomes in integration units.
-             Remote information and advisory system in plant growing
Subject of research
The priority areas of research stand out: the formation of the food security of Ukraine; quality management in agro-food products in Ukraine a globalizing world economy, the improvement of organizational and economic mechanisms of pricing, taxation, credit, insurance on agricultural products and foodstuffs, accounting and analytical support for the development of mechanisms for effective farm management of agricultural enterprises (for example, teaching and experimental farms NUBiP Ukraine), organizational and economic bases of production of biofuels as the direction of the optimal solution of the energy and food problems in Ukraine, development of concepts and programs for individual agricultural industries, business planning of enterprise activity of the agricultural enterprises, monitoring and forecasting of market of agricultural and food products, maintenance systematic at formation of a market infrastructure, improvement of land relations and the activities of mortgage institutions, study areas of sustainable development of rural communities and areas remote creation of a nationwide information and advisory system on the Internet and so on.
The training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff
Training of scientists at the Research Institute of Economics and Management of agricultural production is carried out on specialities: 08.00.03 - economics and management of the national economy, 08.00.04 - Economy and management of enterprises (by sector), 08.00.06 - Economy of Natural Resources and Environment, 08.00.07 - demography, labor economics, social economics and politics, 08.00.08 - money, finance and credit, 08.00.09 - Accounting and Audit (by economic activities).
On January 1, 2011 are trained 142 graduate students, of which 58 - and 84 full-time distance learning. In postgraduate study in 2010 it was accepted on training of 50 persons, including 21 - with a separation from manufacture and 29 - on the job. In 2010 have finished postgraduate study of 46 persons. In doctoral studies 5 persons are trained.
There are 2 specialized scientific council for the defense of dissertations on economic specialties - D and D 26.004.01 26.004.17 and Problematic Scientific Council Research Institute.
 In the future, SRI plans to integrate further the educational and research processes in order to address such pressing issues as: the improvement of economic relations in agriculture, European integration, product quality, pricing mechanism, market infrastructure, develop markets of agricultural products, the land market and economic challenges of biofuel production, the formation of electronic database of economic and statistical information, and so on.


March 11, 2013
Research Institute of Economics and Management of Agroindustrial Production

International Visegrad Summer School 2013

February 28, 2013
Research Institute of Economics and Management of Agroindustrial Production

Seminar for graduate students for presentation mathematical and analytical software Wolfram Mathematica

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