Mechanical and Technological Faculty

Dear prospective students!

 Our faculty trains specialists with full-time, part-time and distance learning options on a state-commissioned basis and on a contract basis. If you want to get a Bachelor's degree of full-time education, you will study for 4 years. However, if you choose a non-resident instruction course then you will study for 5 years. For studying in our Master`s program, full-time, will last 1.5 – 2 years. If you are a graduate from I-III accreditation higher education institution, then you can take a shorter course of study.

 These are the specialties for Bachelor`s degrees:

- agroengineering

- transport technologies (road transport).

 These are specialties for Master`s degrees:

- agroengineering;

- transport technologies (by types);

- road transport.


The faculty unites six departments: the technical service and engineering management named after Mykola Motomenko; the mechanization of animal husbandry, the agricultural machines and systems engineering named after Petro Vasylenko, the occupational safety and environmental engineering; the tractors, cars and bioenergy systems, the transport technologies and AIC facilities.

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