Mechanical and Technological Faculty

Engineering is my life!

 Our first - year student of the Mechanical and Technological Faculty

Vasylenko Oleksandr about studying in NULES:


- Oleksandr, what prompted you to choose engineering as your profession? It's not a secret: in order to be an engineer, you must, above all, possess mathematical knowledge but also…

- “Another little thing I was fond of was techniques. The toys that were driven by mechanical or electrical energy were my favorite. I was always keen on the driving gears in the toy and I scraped them into the cog. True, it was not always possible to assemble them into their original form. My mother didn`t appreciate this, but my grandfather kindled my interest in various kinds of mechanisms, how they worked, which, influenced my interest in engineering. As for mathematical knowledge, engineering and mathematics are regarded as one integral whole”.

-Why did you choose the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, and not, say, Polytechnic, Economics, or the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv?

-“The choice of universities where you can get an engineer profession is very large, especially in Kyiv. After all, the problem of choice is eternal. Which profession to choose - one of the main tasks in the life of each person. Most boys and girls come to choose their future profession purely pragmatically, choosing a future specialty, is guided by the fact that the profession is prestigious and highly paid, not taking into account the fact that over time the demand for prestigious specialties in the labor market is changing. Do we have a future state, where everybody wants to be only politicians, financiers, lawyers or international officials? The answer is unequivocal: of course, no. An engineer's job requires certain personal qualities: spatial imagination, technical thinking and observation and of course, ability. The work of an engineer also includes great creative potential. This, above all, manifestation of autonomy, the ability to make competent, well-considered and thought-out solutions. What could be more interesting, I note, and more prestigious for a young and true young man. I decided to make the final decision on the choice of an educational institution by visiting the Open Door Day at the Mechanical and Technological Faculty of the National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine. I had incredible impressions: powerful agricultural machinery using GPS, automated control and assembly units, introduction of mechatronic systems, robotic technological agricultural operations, modern material and technical base, laboratories equipped with domestic and foreign agricultural machinery. I also met with distinguished graduates of the faculty, including well-known state politicians, leading figures of production, and others. All this gave me a positive impression. Today, I am convinced that I have successfully chosen my future profession, which I had dreamed of since childhood and which has enhanced my sense of satisfaction with life.”


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