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68th  research and practice student conference



Section 3. Strategy of steady development of agrarian sector of economy in the conditions of eurointegration



Themes  of lectures :


1. A strategic management of products of the poultry farming export potential on materials of "AVANGARD" CO IPL.

2.  Strategy of management currency risks in foreign economic activity of enterprise.

3.  Prospects of socio-economic development of industries of agrarian sector of Ukraine.

4.  Directions of government control of industries of agrarian sector in the conditions of globalization.

5.   Effective system of motivation of personnel as constituent of strategy of development of enterprise.

6.   Prospects of socio-economic development of agrarian sector.

7.   Development of innovative potential of enterprise.

8.   Eurointegration vector of development of industries of agrarian sector of economy.

9.   Search and ground of strategic aims of enterprise.

10. The strategic planning in organization.

11. Calculation of economic efficiency of recreation of bester.

12. Motivation in the system of strategic management.

13. Strategy of management production distribution on an enterprise.

14. Methods of strategic management in organization.

15. Strategy of management of corn export potential in Ukraine.

16. Strategic reference-points of steady development of rural and off-shore territories.

17. Strategy of management of efficiency agricultural enterprises (on the example of JV of B. Khmelnytskyi).

18.   Strategic management of higher educational establishments.

19.   Development of business strategy of wholesale market of agricultural produce.

20.   Management of operations of products of the pig breeding.

21.   Problem questions of economic development of agroindustrial sector of Ukraine.

22.   Adjusting of market of stock-raising of Ukraine in the conditions of eurointegration.

23.   Calculation of economic activity of enterprise of industrial type by power 150 tons of commodity bester.

24.   Strategy of increase of efficiency of management of operations in the meat cattle breeding (on the example of LTD. "ahrokontrast").

25.   Economic efficiency of plant recreation of carp is in LTD. SFG "Djerela".

26.   Calculation of economic efficiency of growing of sturgeon and carp types of fishes on a base PJSC "Chernihivrybhosp."

27.   Strategy of steady development of industry of the pig breeding in the conditions of eurointegration.



Winners were marked diplomas.


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