Department of Global economy

Research work

The advanced study of department of global economy comes true after such directions:

- edition of monographs and scientific professional articles, textbooks and train aid;

- participating of teachers of department in international, allukrainian and intercollegiate conferences, seminars;

- a scientific collaboration with leading enterprises and budgetary establishments;

- internship of teachers of department in leading higher educational establishments of Ukraine and abroad.

Postgraduate and doctoral studies operate on a department, where 16 persons study.

Speciality 08.00.03 - an economy and management a national economy.

Research activity of department is sent both to the theoretical estimation of current and long-term calls of global economy and on preparation of suggestions from realization of practical measures on the different levels of economy : national, regional, branch and separate enterprise.

The teachers of department participate in execution research works:

1. Forming middling and long-term priorities of development of agrarian politics of Ukraine and study approaches to their implementation (110/460-pr, 2012-2014)

2. Directions of increase of competitiveness agrarian sector in the conditions of forming and functioning of FTA with EU (2015-2016)

Now the scientific work carried out - 2 doctoral students and 14 graduate students.

Subjects of scientific researches of department:


Shepelev V. S.

« Adjustment of market of products of the pig breeding is in Ukraine »

Fediushko M. M.

« Forming and adjusting of equilibrium at the market of grain»

Ribalchenko K. O.

« Regulator politics of the state in development of aquiculture in Ukraine »

Rahmetov S. D.

"Forming of biopower potential of economy of Ukraine"

Shevchuk M. I.

"A management investment processes in the agrarian sector of economy"

Kolisnyk V. P.

An economic mechanism of adjusting of agricultural production in Ukraine

Galunka S. S.

"Adjusting of market of corn in Ukraine"

Labodjenko D. B.

"Government control of marine aquiculture in Ukraine"

Piatkovska О.А.

"External economic safety of agroindustrial complex of Ukraine"

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