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We have had a busy Spring but are ready to get started on some new opportunities with you!

The first is our Produce Safety Workshop. This workshop will be offered over 6 days (2 hours each day).
The schedule is 4pm to 6pm on Monday July 19, Tuesday July 20, and Wednesday July 21 and Monday July 26, Tuesday July 27, and Wednesday July 28, 2021.

    The course provides fundamental, science-based, on-farm food safety knowledge to fresh fruit and vegetable farmers, packers, regulatory personnel and others interested in the safety of fresh produce. This includes assessing produce safety risks, implementing Good Agricultural Practices, and how to meet regulatory demands associated with the FSMA Produce Safety Rule, as well as meet buyer requirements for food safety.

    While the course is designed for those wanting to grow product for the US market, the course is based upon standardized good agricultural practices in order to endure food safety. This information is also useful for companies purchasing produce as well as for educators and scientists working with the produce industry.
The curriculum was developed by the Produce Safety Alliance. It will be presented in English by Penn State’s Richard Kralj, a designated lead instructor for this course, along with the support of NULES faculty. It will be offered in a live-online format. A booklet will be provided for the course (digital and print).
This course is supported by the US Embassy in Kyiv and there is no charge for Ukrainian professionals.
Attendance in each session is mandatory in order to obtain the Produce Safety Alliance Certificate.
Class size is limited to 24.

For more information and to register -

We are also offering access to our Online Food Safety and Sanitation Course.

     This is an "independent study" course delivered online. That means you work independently and at your own pace; at work, the library, your home, anywhere! It is ideal for the busy professional (and those who want to work on their English skills).
This course is designed to teach you the essentials of food safety, food microbiology, sanitary design principles for facilities and equipment, worker hygiene practices, correct procedures for cleaning and sanitizing, food defense and plant security, and more.

To register, click on this link. (There is also additional information on the course on this page)

     Choose Begin the Registration Process. You will need to create an account (if you don’t have one already, which most will not).
Then you will enter the Shopping Cart where you see the price. Above that, there is a box for a discount code. Enter UASANFREE as your discount code, which reduces your price to FREE for you.
     Each registrant will receive an email with an activation link. The online course will be accessible from the "Account Dashboard" once it's activated.

Your attendance in this course is supported through a grant from the US Embassy in Kyiv.
There are 20 slots available and this is only open through August 1, 2021. You do not need to finish the course by that date, just begin it. You will have up to one year to complete this course.

Please let me know if you have any questions on these programs.



Oleksandr Labenko -  [email protected] 

Martin Bucknavage - [email protected].

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