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     We want to thank you for registering for the Ukrainian Food Safety Training offered by the Pennsylvania State University, College of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Food Science and the National University and Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (NULESU). Unfortunately, with the Coronavirus pandemic, we are obliged to postpone this class until the Spring of 2021. We realize this a great inconvenience and a long time to wait, but we hope that you will still be interested in this opportunity next year. Since many of you may have changing circumstances between now and then, we will ask that you to please re-register for 2021. We will be sending an announcement to all current registrants letting them know that the application is once again available.

    In the meantime, we are looking to set up interim, on-line or possibly in-person training opportunities where you will be able to participate. We welcome any ideas or suggestions on an interim programing. Our team will be having a meeting this coming month to further discuss potential approaches and topics. In most likelihood, this will be done through short webinars but depending on developments there may be some introductory lessons available at NULESU in Kyiv. We are looking to do this in the Fall of 2020 but may have something in the works as early as late May of this year. We will keep you informed of any decisions made on this.

     Again, thank you for your interest in the Penn State/NULESU Ukrainian Food Safety Training. We look forward to connecting with you soon about our training opportunities. I

n the meantime, please feel free to contact Oleksandr Labenko at [email protected] or Martin Bucknavage of Penn State at [email protected]


Fundamentals of Food Safety and Quality Workshop

for Food Processing Professionals

What: Two-week intensive workshop conducted in English with interactive in-class activities

When: Weekdays May 18th – 29th 2020

Where: NULES, Kyiv, Ukraine

Cost: Free for qualifying participants (limited to first 30 qualifying applicants)

How: Interested applicants should apply at

The Workshop will be delivered in English by instructors from Penn State University’s Department of Food Science with expertise in food industry applications, and limited translational support by instructors from NULES. Participants will earn certificates in HACCP from International HACCP Alliance, US FDA’s Preventive Control for Human Foods from FSPCA, and Food Defense through Penn State.

Subject areas to be covered:

  • Food Microbiology
  • Sanitation and Good Manufacturing Practices
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)
  • Food Processing


Deadline for submission is March 31st, 2020



Dr. Oleksandr Labenko -  [email protected] ,

Dr. Natalia Silonova -  [email protected]
Dr. Natalia Voloshchuk - [email protected]  

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