Faculty of Food Technology and Quality Control of Agricultural Products

Faculty today

      In order to use the intellectual baggage of scientific and pedagogical staff of NULES of Ukraine, to expand the areas of scientific and educational activities and to coordinate research, development, technological work, information and consulting and service support of food industries, and to strengthen educational, scientific and innovative components at the university on the quality of bioresources and safety of life and on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council and the order of the Rector of February 16, 2001 № 15 and renamed on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council of the University Protocol № 9 of 29.04.2010

      The Faculty of Food Technology and Quality Management of Agricultural Products is the main educational and research unit of the university, which provides training for students of OS "Bachelor" specialty 181 "Food Technology" (Food Technology; Technology of health foods; Technological expertise, quality and safety of food; Restaurant technologies ), 229 "Public Health" and OS "Master", specialties 181 "Food Technology" specializations "Technology of storage, canning and processing of meat", "Technology of storage and processing of aquatic bioresources", "Nutrition" and 152 Metrology and information and measuring equipment "specialization" Quality, standardization and certification "



 The main tasks of the faculty are:

      · Organization and carrying out at a high level of educational, scientific, scientific-methodical and cultural-educational work with full-time and part-time students, students of the faculty of advanced training of agro-industrial environmental industries and other departments of the University that provide educational activities;

     · Carrying out of actual scientific researches on priority directions of manufacture and science and wide introduction of the received results in manufacture and educational process;

     · Training, retraining and advanced training of NNP and agricultural workers;

     · Creation, systematic updating and improvement of educational and laboratory base, methods of experimental researches and technical means of training, computerization and informatization of educational process;

     · Organization of the educational process aimed at training highly qualified specialists who must organically combine high general education with deep theoretical and professional knowledge, be widely erudite on world and national culture, have skills of continuous spiritual and physical improvement, individual and collective professional activity , as well as community service.

     · Preparation, publication and sale of educational, scientific, educational and methodical literature and other publishing products.

     · Organization and conduct of scientific, research and publishing activities on standardization and quality management of agricultural products, processes and equipment for processing and storage of agricultural products, etc.

     · Organization and implementation of innovative activities in agricultural processing, implementation of theoretical and practical research results in the field of food quality and safety, quality management and environmental management, standardization and certification of agricultural products and modern management systems in the industry.

     · Organization and conduct of research activities in the direction of harmonization of national standards to the level of international food and technology for its production and processing; improving the requirements of national standards for management systems that would ensure the rational use of resources and meet high requirements for product quality in agricultural production; popularization among manufacturers and specialists of scientific and practical principles of quality management as the basis of systematic and effective development of the industry; improving the procedure for compliance by a third party in order to provide consumers with an accurate, truthful and objective assessment of the object of study.

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