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International cooperation

Future social teachers and university staff participated in the seminar "Social inclusion: deinstitutionalization and support communities"

February 7, 2017

     On the 7th of February for the first time in Kiev with the support of the International Center for Development and Leadership, a seminar on "Social Inclusion: deinstitutionalization and community support" took place. Within the seminar the model "Care" for people with disabilities was presented by Jean Pierre Vilken, the president of Care Network Europe. Active participants of the event were students and teachers of the department of social pedagogy and information technologies in education.

     Jean Pierre Vilken on the personal experience of his family explained why the issue of social inclusion is so important for our country and what we have to start with. His eldest son Jonathan was diagnosed Down syndrome. This was a real test for his family and since then the search for a new approach started. From 4 to 11 years his son was in a special closed institution for children with disabilities (Netherlands), where he received education, but the family began to notice that Jonathan became more and more closed and there was no progress in his personal development. Therefore the family decided to take him back home and organize his education themselves, which later showed a positive dynamics. Interaction with other parents with similar problems has developed into targeted communities that are now involved in the rehabilitation of children with disabilities based on Care model.

     Nowadays, the European community, according to J.P. Vilken, observes social exclusion in Ukraine. In order to move towards social inclusion, we have to learn from the best of European experience.

     As a result of the workshop an agreement between the department of social pedagogy and information technologies in education on further cooperation with Jean Pierre Vilken and International Center for Development and Leadership was reached.

On February 7, 2017 Ukraine celebrated Safer Internet Day. This day has been celebrated in Ukraine since 2009 with the assistance of the Coalition for Child Safety on the Internet, created within the Microsoft program 

«Onlandia – child safety online"

     Coordinator of the program – PhD, senior lecturer in social pedagogy and information technologies Arthur Kocharyan took part in a press conference devoted to the Safer Internet Day and gave advice on how to avoid risk on the Internet.
     Arthur Kocharyan has developed his own technique of the formation of strong motivation to safe behavior on the Internet among teenagers (approved by Ministry of education and science of Ukraine) and a training course on teaching this technique (approved by Ministry of education and science of Ukraine).

On February 16, 2017 in Zaporizhia, the project

"Managerial hundred of personnel reserve" starts

     The project was initiated and funded by the Department of Education and Science of Zaporizhia city council. The academic staff of the department of social pedagogy and information technologies has produced practical materials that will be represented at the opening of the II session of the Project in Zaporizhia on 16.02.2017. The peculiarity of the project is its dialogue and activity-based format.
     As a part of the project PhD, senior lecturer in social pedagogy and information technologies Arthur B. Kocharyan will organize panel discussions for the management of educational institutions of Zaporizhia on "Trends of ICT in education" and "Use of modern ICT for the principals of educational institutions in the process of management."

On 7-8 April, 2017 the Ministry of  Education and Science of Kazakhstan in Almaty will be holding an international forum 

"Education of the Future-2020"

     Ukraine will be represented by PhD in education, senior lecturer of the department of social pedagogy and information technologies in education, Arthur Kocharyan. A. Kocharyan will represent a successful model of information and communication competence development created for school teachers and university academic staff.


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