Faculty of Agrarian Management

Students' Organization


   The students' organization of the faculty is a body of student self-government. It is designed to facilitate the organization of the educational process, social services for students, and to ensure the coordination of social, research, and cultural and mass activities of students of the faculty. The scope of tasks of the student council also includes promoting the employment of graduates and students of the faculty, establishing and supporting cooperation with students, as well as with youth public organizations together with the Scientific Society of Students and Postgraduates of NUBiP of Ukraine.

   To implement the specified tasks, the students' organization can develop documents of an internal nature; to request and receive in the prescribed manner the necessary information from departments and officials of the faculty; to make proposals to the Academic Council, the dean of the faculty about conducting student public, educational, social and cultural mass events and about directions of development of the activities of students of our faculty. 



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