Department of Therapy and Clinical Diagnosis

Address: 03127, Kyiv, Potehin str.16, building № 12

Tel.: (044) 527-83-60

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of department:


In 1932 both of departments were united in one. In different years the heasd of department were professor P.I. Hymmelreich, associated professor V.Y. Borysevich, professors D.V. Sokolov, M.A. Plyanskiy, M.T. Skorodumov, M.O. Sudakov.
V.Y. Chumachenko, the academic of NAAS of Ukraine, doctor of biological sciences, professor M.I. Tsvilikhovskiy, associated professor S.I. Golopura, doctor of veterinary sciences V.A. Gryschenko. Now, acting head of department is associated professor V.M. Kostenko.
Successfully working in the department, Laureate of National Ukrainian award in Research and Engineering, academic of NAAS of Ukraine, doctor of biological sciences, professor M.I. Tsvilikhovskiy, S.P. Doletskiy, PhDs, associated professors O.M. Yakymchuk, S.I. Golopura, N.I. Boyko, N.G. Grushanska, V.M. Kostenko, R.I. Shestopalka, T.V. Nemova, O.O. Pevelytsya, PhDs of veterinary sciences, senior lecturer T.A. Palyukh, M.O. Maryniuk, the head of X-ray cabinet O.G. Gulyakova, senior laboratory assistants L.V. Lozova, laboratory assistants V.G. Obruch. Studying in doctoral PhDs of veterinary sciences, docents D.M. Masyuk, A.O. Makarin, A.O. Bugay, T.P. Lokes, aspirants - I.M. Yakymchuk, O.S. Kostuk, M. Koschavka, Y. Trokhimchuk, B. Popaduk, M.S. Velikanova.

The academic staff of department has published 25 textbooks, 42 manuals, 21 monographs, 55 scientific and practical recommendations, 22 directories, more than 1400 scientific articles, received 45 copyright certificates and patents. There is 1 doctor and 55 PhD dissertations defended on the department.
There is a problem scientific laboratory of “internal non-contagious diseases of animals” and educational and scientific production laboratory of “Prophylaxis of internal non-contagious diseases of animals” functioning on the department.
The scientific work of department is directed to investigation of etiology, pathogenesis, therapy and prophylaxis of animal diseases, elaboration of remote diagnostic methods, express-methods of early metabolism pathology diagnostics in agricultural animals, the state of natural organism resistance in these pathologies, the investigation of maternal immunity molecular mechanisms and incipience of intestine functional activity in early postnatal animals in norm and in pathology. 

 Department staff


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