Making a dream come true is creating your own business

21 травня 2020 року
On May 18, 2020, students of МВ-17001 group of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics, specializing in “International Relations” were defending their projects.

     This is the end of studying the course "Fundamentals of business design", which was taught by associate professor of the department of production and investment management, faculty of agricultural management Sukhanova A.V. Although distance learning took place, it could not discourage students from gaining new knowledge, skills and abilities.

     All tasks, which were handed out at the beginning of the semester, were successfully completed by students. With each step-by-step stage of business project development, students' own ideas became more and more fascinating.

     Students Kholod A., Borliuk O., Nykyforchuk M. and Zablotska A. even presented one of the projects to create a snail farm at the All-Ukrainian competition of student projects "From idea to success", which was held on April 29, 2020 by the department of production and investment management under the supervision of a corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of economics, professor Shynkaruk L.V. and won first place (


     All projects presented by students differed in their originality and diversity: from "Export of honey abroad", "Beauty salon", "Garbage processing plant" to "Eco products "Produit de nature" and health food store" Avocado "and many others. Also, students while studying the discipline "Fundamentals of business design" mastered the calculation and analytical skills and modern technologies of business planning, which was necessary for the development of their own projects and in the future implementation and effective business management.



      Natalia Motenko and Elyzaveta Artemchuk, who developed the project "Export of honey abroad", couldn't help but share their impressions from their studies:

  • The course "Fundamentals of business design" has formed in us, as students, a system of knowledge about the methodology and technology of business plan development, the content of its sections, as well as skills and abilities to draw up a business plan for an entrepreneurial project. We have developed our own business plan, which is a relevant and promising business today in the Ukrainian reality. We chose a rather difficult project for "internationals", the work itself was not easy, especially in financial calculations. Although we had to understand in detail the different types of taxes on the product, but it allowed us to expand our horizons, to explain for ourselves some economic terms. Working on the project was interesting and exciting, because all the theoretical knowledge could be applied and implemented during the development of our work.

     Thus, the knowledge gained during the business design course is important and necessary both in the professional activity of the project manager, public activity, and in the private life of a purposeful person who, if possible, will be able to open his own business and develop Ukraine's economy, creating jobs and working with international partners. After all, investments of international organizations and their implementation are the first step towards the development of a successful country. And accordingly, we, as internationals, will need this course in international, diplomatic and political activities!

     You can get even more useful practical tools from us in the master's degree, studying at the educational program "Management of investment activities and international projects".

If you want to start your own business, full of ideas and do not know where to start, we are glad to invite you to us!

We will give you the key to realizing your ambitions!



Alla Sukhanova,
associate professor of production
and investment management
Motenko Natalia, Artemchuk Elyzaveta,
students of MB-17001group


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