Amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" have been made!

14 серпня 2019 року
On August 9, the Law of Ukraine “On Professional Higher Education” came into force. At the same time, some amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” were introduced. We want to introduce you to the most important ones.

     The new edition of the definition of educational and professional level of junior bachelor (120 ECTS credits) and bachelor's educational degree (180-240 credits) is outlined. It is determined that in order to obtain a bachelor's degree on the basis of a bachelor's degree, or on the basis of a professional higher education, the university has the right to recognize and recalculate ECTS credits, the maximum amount of which is determined by the standard of higher education.

     The approved higher education standards, relevant to our university, are placed under the heading “Educational work. Higher Education Standards” at

     The new wording of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” was supplemented by Article 9.1. Educational Programs.

     Article 43 “Appointment and dismissal of the head of the faculty”, which defines a new procedure for the appointment and dismissal of the deans of the faculties, NDI directors and separate structural units, is also outlined in the new version.

     It also amended Article 46, according to which "renewal and transfer of higher education applicants shall be subject to admission requirements for relevant educational programs".

     New Article 53.1 "Employees of clinical bases of higher education establishments, university clinics and university hospitals" will be relevant for scientific and pedagogical workers of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, because according to it medical, pharmaceutical and other employees of clinical bases of institutions of higher education, university hospitals and universities These are persons who are engaged in medical, pharmaceutical or veterinary activities at their primary place of work and may also participate in the educational process.

     You can read the full text of the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" on the University's website under the heading "Educational work" or at the link

Larysa Klikh,
head of educational and methodical department

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