Education and Research Institute of Continuing Education

International activity and Partners

The Institute actively participates in international projects and programs:
• Agricultural development and investment program "Transform";
• Promoting education in agribusiness in Ukraine with the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan (Troisdorf, Germany);
• International Master program "MBA in agriculture", supported by DAAD Project "Export of German study programs and support for international cooperation of Bavaria";
• Project with FAO (UNO) on the Food Industry Development of Ukraine in the sphere of quality management, certification and standardization;
• Project with The Humboldt University of Berlin "The impact of economic reforms and social changes on degradation and protection of wetland soils of Ukraine: the need for institutional changes and political reform" (Germany);
• Creation of information system for agricultural extension services of Ukraine through a joint web-site of Canadian-Ukrainian program FARM.
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