Education and Research Institute of Continuing Education

Адреса: 03041, Kyiv, Heroiv Oborony str., 11, building 10, room. 219.

Тел.: (044) 527-87-42, 527-86-53

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Olena Kovalova

DSc in Economics

The Educational-Scientific Institute of postgraduated education is established by the order of  Rector since December, "20"  2004 № 598 on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council of the University.
 The educational concept of the Educational and Scientific Institute is as follows:
- deepening, expanding and updating of professional knowledge, skills and abilities of specialists of agroindustrial complex;
- provision of the possibility of obtaining a second higher education on the basis of the acquired earlier educational degree (in terms of specialties);
-formation of a new generation of civil servants of agricultural management bodies, managers and specialists of enterprises, institutions and organizations of different forms of ownership, scientific-pedagogical and pedagogical workers of agrarian institutions of higher education.
The main tasks of the Institute are:
- advanced training of management personnel and specialists in agro-industrial and environmental industries;
- improvement of qualification of scientific-pedagogical and pedagogical workers of institutions of higher education;
- training and retraining of specialists with the provision of second higher education;
-Improvement and training of civil servants;
- preparation of bachelors from the specialty 242 "Tourism";
- preparation of masters of specialties 281 «Public administration and administration», 073 «Management» of educational programs «Management of innovative activity» and «Advice»;
- training of advisers and expert advisers.
The Institute is undergoing retraining: specialists in programs for obtaining a second higher education.
On the basis of the institute the qualification improvement is carried out:
• civil servants, managers and specialists of state enterprises, institutions and organizations in the field of knowledge 28 "Public Administration and Administration";
• Managers and specialists in agro-industrial and environmental industries;
• scientific and pedagogical and pedagogical workers of agrarian institutions of higher education;
• advisers and expert advisers.
The educational process is carried out using the material and technical base of the University, its structural and separate units.
The Institute of postgraduate education includes the following structural units:
• Department of Public Administration and Innovation Management;
• Department of agrarian consulting and tourism;
• Educational laboratory for management of innovative activities in the agro-industrial and environmental sectors;
• Educational laboratory of agrarian consulting and service;
• department of organizational and administrative-economic work;
• the directorate.




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