Education and Research Institute of Continuing Education

Scientific, Research and Innovation work

The scientific work of the Institute is coordinated by the Scientific-Research Institute of Economics and Management of Agricultural Production.
         In the departments of the Institute preparation of graduate students and doctoral candidates is conducted in the following specialties:

Code Specialty
08.00.03 Economics and management of the national economy
08.00.04 Economics and Enterprise Management
      Scientific circles:

Scientific circle "Advisor"

Scientific circle "Agritourist"

Scientific circle "Travelling"

Scientific circle "Innovation"
                                                             Main directions of scientific research
      Scientific and pedagogical staff of the departments of the Institute of postgraduate education carry out scientific researches based on theoretical and conceptual approaches to the development of innovative processes; improvement of organizational and economic mechanisms of innovation activity; priority directions of innovation and technological development of the agrarian sector;methodological and innovative principles of retraining specialists of agrarian sphere for the second higher education; formation of the information base of innovation activity in the agrarian sector; development of state innovation support; innovative technologies in education and science, etc. (Department of Public Administration and Innovation Management).
     The Department of Agricultural Consulting and Tourism has a scientific school of agricultural advisory services that develops an innovative advisory system, Electronic Advisory System e-Extension, which allows the distribution of agricultural knowledge and information, interactive consulting systems for making scientifically sound solutions in various fields of the agrarian sector ( rural tourism, organic production, beekeeping, etc.), which promotes the development of advisory services in Ukraine, professional agro-consulting education to enhance the training of advisers and expert counselors for their certification through the synthesis and systematization of current international experience with the development of joint curricula and the improvement of practical training on the basis of advanced domestic and foreign enterprises.


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