Professor V.L. Simirenko Department of Horticulture


According to the results of research and teaching staff of the department published the following publications:
  1. Barabash, A., Tsyz OM, OP Leontiev, Gontar VT Vegetable and fruit growing. - K.: Higher HQ., 2000. - 503 p.
  2. Poor monitoring in horticulture / / Ed. AM Silaeva. - K.: Agricultural Science, 2003. - 350 p.
  3. Barabash, A., Tsyz OM Gontar VT and others. Technology of production of vegetables and fruits. - K.: Higher HQ., 2004. - 431 p.
  4. angelica MA, Smith MM, Gontar VT and others. Viticulture. - K. Aristei, 2008. - 436 p.
  5. Laboratory workshop on Horticulture / [VT Gontar, VA Preconditions, NV Shevchuk et al.], Ed. VT Gontar. - [2nd edition, supplemented]. - K.: VC NUBiP Ukraine, 2009. - 187 C.
  6. Teachers are co-authors of a 5-model programs in disciplines that are attached to it.
  7. Global agricultural technologies in gardening, horticulture and viticulture (Part 1 Modern technologies in horticulture) Guidelines to the study subjects for Masters specialty 8.130103 - "Horticulture and viticulture" (qualification 22131 Researcher of Horticulture and Viticulture) Kyiv. Publishing center NUBiP Ukraine. 2009. 24 s.
  8. Subtropical culture. Study subjects for Master specialty 7.130103 "Horticulture and viticulture" in higher educational institutions of III-IV accreditation of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.
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