Professor V.L. Simirenko Department of Horticulture

Educational work

Employees of the department, 28 teaching methods courses for students, bachelors and masters in different specialties: fruit and vegetables growing and viticulture, agricultural chemistry and soil science, agronomy, plant protection.

With students and permanent part-time teaching faculty Agrobiological and plant protection staff conducts classes in the following subjects:
• horticulture
• Nursery
• pomolohiya
• viticulture
• selection of fruit and berry crops
• horticultural
• basis of research
• research methodology case using PC
• partial sortoznavstvo fruit crops
• advanced technologies in the Nursery
• modern technology in horticulture and viticulture
• Research and innovation in horticulture and viticulture
• subtropical crops
• forecasting and programming harvest fruit crops
• biochemistry of fruits, vegetables and grapes.
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