EU PROJECT ERASMUS+ № 585603-EPP-1-2017-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP (2017 – 3299/001-001)


Erasmus+ grant amount: 977963,00€
Breakdown of the project costs foreseen for National university of life and environmental sciences of Ukraine and its general amount according to the budget 132510,00€

Project goals and objectives:
- Implementation of student-centered practice based education in Agrarian studies of Ukraine, Armenia and Uzbekistan by introducing and improving vocationally oriented practical programs.

Coordinator of the project at NULES Prof. A. Dibrova



  •  National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
  •  Writtle University College (Great Britain)
  •  Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences (Poland)
  •  University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Lasi (Romania)
  •  Sumy National Agrarian University (Ukraine)
  •  Armenian National Agrarian University (Armenia)
  •  Yerevan State University (Armenia)
  •  Andijan Agrarian Institute (Uzbekistan)
  •  Samarkand Agrarian Institute (Uzbekistan)

Role of the NULES:

  •  revision of course assessment and learning outcomes on regional economy;
  •  intensive teacher training program;
  •  capacity building and formation of supporting staff to monitor and administrate internship schemes according to EU models;
  •  raising awareness of practice-based education;
  •  use of internship data collection for further research activities, educational and farm policy guidelines.



  • practice oriented literature;
  • computers, interactive screen & audiovisual recording tool;
  • online data bank with server.


Project activities:

  • Revision of existing programs in regional economy.
  • Suggestion of new models for internships.
  • Development of more student-centered and practice-based form of education teaching methodology, tools & infrastructure.
  • Cross-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder platform for promoting enterprise-university cooperation, increasing collaboration with farm industry and innovating in practice-based teaching and learning.
  • Quality monitoring and project evaluation.
  • Diffusion and exploitation of the project process and results.
  • Financial & operational project management.
  • Plannig.
  • Executing.


Expected results of the project are:

  • Reinforcement of direct connections between both HEIs, enterprises and the Ministries.
  • Creation of a specific databank that can be useful for the needs of farm enterprises, economists, policy makers and decision-makers in the agricultural secto
  • Establishing of publications, round tables, conferences, presentations and portfolio of teaching materials available to deliver practice-based education that present best practices and to hand out a handbook with lessons learned from the piloting phase.
  • ECQIP is a model of reference in beneficiary countries.
  • EU partners consolidate the existing links with third country partners.
  • Dissemination & raising awareness on the project and the project results.
  • Project coordination, financial and operational management performed.
  • Preceding Memorandum of Understanding has been prepared identically in English and Ukrainian.


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