Department of Psychology

Address: 19 a, Henerala Rodymtseva str, educational building 1, room 23, Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine

Tel.: + 38 (044) 257 22 10

E-mail: [email protected]

Head of Department:
Martyniuk I.A.



General information
The Department Psychology forms part of the Education and Research Institute of Natural Sciences and Liberal Arts. The history of the Department started in 2000 when the Department of Family Culture and Culture of Everyday Life was founded. The department obtained its current name in 2006.

Educational activities
The Department Psychology provides both undergraduate and postgraduate full-time, correspondence and distant education.
It is dedicated to teaching and research in social work and different branches of psychology. There is a list of subjects the Department offers:

  •  Psychology
  •  Psychology of Management
  •  Developmental and educational psychology
  •  Pathopsychology
  •  Fundamentals of traffic and transport psychology
  •  Psychology of creativity
  •  Social Psychology
  •  Psychology of team building
  •  General and professional psychology
  •  Psychology and Pedagogy
  •  Psychology of labor relations in fisheries management groups
  •  Pedagogy and Psychology of Higher Education.
  •  Psychology of Higher Education
  •  Fundamentals of socialization of individuals
  •  Ethnopsychology
  •  Psychological and educational therapy
  •  Psychology of Personality
  •  Consulting Psychology
  •  Psychology of Personnel Management

Research and innovation activities

The Department Psychology is actively involved in research carried out at the Institute of Natural Sciences and Liberal Arts. Its present-day major area of research is “Psychological and pedagogical aspects of the formation of specialists in Agriculture”.


The strategic priority for the department is quality of education. Improvements and innovations in teaching are permanent to meet requirements of the Bologna process. The up to date module-rating system of students’ performance and cutting-edge technologies aimed at development and enhancement of skills are effectively applied at all courses. A supportive environment is cultivated to provide rigorous training.


The academic process is provided by the highly skilled and research active teaching staff who work closely with the students to help them take advantage of the rich offerings of the Department in ways that suit the students’ interests and talents.


International events and links


The Department also lives an active social life with its cultural activities and sport competitions, term-time events, literary and debating societies.

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