Future masters in management of investment activities trained the skills in the art of negotiating with foreign investors

February 27, 2018

During the new meeting of the scientific circle “Management and nowadays” the students took part in the role game “Negotiations” that was organized by Associate Professor of the Production and Investment Management Department Kateryna Alekseieva who simultaneously has got a degree in English philology. There was only the English language to be used in the classroom within an hour.

The game was aimed at training the skills of negotiating with foreign investors among the students. It is also a way to prepare them to the future studying for masters according to the professionally oriented program “Management of investment activities and international projects” that is created to combine education in the NULES of Ukraine and in the higher educational establishments of the European Union.

The participants of the negotiations were the students of the professionally oriented group of the bachelors of the 3rd year of education (with intensive English studying) who had been divided into two teams in advance.  These were a team of investors “Sunny money”  with Viktoria Koshel as a leader and a team of young entrepreneurs aiming at opening their own Coffee-house “Millennium” in the downtown of Kharkiv-city with Kostiantyn Kryvenko as a leader.

During the negotiations “young entrepreneurs” introduced themselves and well-grounded why it would be of mutual benefit to work with them. They presented a project of their future enterprise, counted the volume of needed investments, planned the costs and profits, breakeven point and demonstrated the results of their SWOT-analysis.

As for the “investors” they stated questions to the “entrepreneurs” about their business-plan, the payback period, their future share in the profits and competitive advantages of the project.

The game was played actively and it was finished with an “Agreement on cooperation”. The students possessed new skills of negotiating with foreign investors concerning the investments’ attracting for projects.

Tetiana Lobunets, Kateryna Alekseieva


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