The teachers of the Production and investment management department took part in a “Battle”

12 February 2018, 11:43

On the 9th of February 2018 the Head of the Production and investment management department Lidiia Shynkaruk and Associated Professor of the department Tetiana Lobunets took part in the final part of the first Ukrainian “anti tender” “The battle of the agencies. Back to front”. i.e. a special project organized by the Official representation of Cannes Lions in Ukraine, PR-club “Piranha” and the portal in the frames of the “Creative days” in Ukraine.

It was the final of the competition of the social projects of the non-commercial organizations presented by interested and caring people. 

There were 5 projects presented for the jury members which included famous experts from different creative branches. 

“Ecological town” – a project on sorting of the garbage for conversion. 

“Let’s talk” – a project on creating a free psychological consultancy for people who have suffered in the warrior conflicts.  

“The area of Future” a project worked out for creating mechanisms of improving the professional orientation of the high-school students.  

"Symphony of Life" - project on diagnostics and treatment of children with hearing impairments.

“The memory map” a project worked out for identification and fixation the names of those people who died during the conflict at the East of Ukraine. 

The importance and the actuality of such events as “The battle of the agencies. Back to front” is underlined by the fact that Kyiv Club the international non Government organization Rotary International was one of the partners of the event. By the way It is one of the oldest charity organization in the world with more than 110 years history and a network of 35 000 clubs and more than 1,2 million members. Professor, doctor in economics and corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Lidiia Shynkaruk is among the members of the Rotary International. 

According to the jury decision the project «Let’s talk” won. The winners obtained the recommendation letters from the organizers and the experts. All the participants can also have free consultations from the organizers of the project within 6 months after the competition.

Tetiana Lobunets, Kateryna Alekseieva  


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