Future project managers are leaving for Poland to study

February 14, 2018

Studying for obtaining the masters’ degree at the Faculty of Agrarian management according to the program “Management of the investment activities and International projects” the students have an opportunity to obtain two diplomas: the first one of the NULES of Ukraineand the second one of the Pomorska Academythe Polish higher education establishment situated in Slupsk an ancient city not far from the Baltic sea.


On the 14th of February 2018 the dean of the Faculty of Agrarian management Anatolii Ostapchuk and the Head of the Production and investment management department Lidiia Shynkaruk congratulated 12 students the future project managers who are leaving to Poland for studying according to the double diplomas program.

Anatolii Ostapchuk congratulated the students on their important decision to fulfill their plans and dreams, he wished them to succeed in their studying.

Lidiia Shynkaruk wished them to be the best representatives of our University and to use the opportunities created at the Pomorska Academy concerning the simultaneous studying and getting the professional and practical experience needed in the terms of tough competition. 

The Academy has got the largest Library at the region, i.e. more than 350 thousand volumes of the fixed editions and 40 thousand special editions. The current subscription is about 760 units including 47 foreign journals. There is unlimited Internet connection everywhere that is important to make the studying process of simultaneous possessing the disciplines according to the masters’ program “Management of the investment activities and International projects”easier. The students can use the Academic network for the access to the online library archives. Thanks to the status of a student of the European University the students can use the discounts for the tickets during the travelling all over Europe and during the applying for a job at their free time. 

The Academy has got three hostels, a sport center and the center of the foreign languages studying.  The schedule is created to make the students able not only to study but also to work and travel. 


This is one of the most interesting places for tourism with beautiful architecture and well developed infrastructure. Slupsk has the features of both modern European town and keeps the feeling of comfort as well as ancient traditions.

Iryna Baranovska, Kateryna Alekseieva


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