Accounting for the current economic conditions


Assistant Professor of the Department of Accounting and Taxation

Volodymyr Lytvynenko, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research group "Accounting for the current economic conditions" was created by the Department of Accounting and Taxation in September 2016 to enhance knowledge and skills of students in accounting and attract second- and third-year students of specialty "Accounting and Taxation" to scientific research, training students to participation in conferences, assist in writing of scientific works on accounting in self-financing institutions.
The main tasks of a Research group:
• assisting students in selecting and working with scientific literature for the selected topic of research;
• preparing students to participate in scientific conferences on accounting;
• promote students to publish scientific articles and theses and reports on conferences;
• formation of students' interest in scientific research, teaching of methods and ways for an independent solving of a scientific problems and implementation of research in accounting;
• promote profound study of educational material on accounting disciplines.
The activity of this group promotes creation of scientific skills to solve complex theoretical and methodological targets in accounting. It will be basis for professional growth in future profession of graduates of accounting and taxation.


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