Department of Economics

Scientific work

Throughout the period of the department carried out research on topical issues of improving the organization of labor and production, the study of the mechanisms of action adopted legislation, market forms of managing and developing recommendations for their use. In particular, only the last 10 years conducted research on such important topics: "To develop recommendations for improvement of wages in the reformed agricultural enterprises in the transition to a market economy"; "Motivation in agriculture"; "Formation of a market mechanism in the agricultural sector agribusiness"; "Problems of development and formation of small forms of agricultural production"; "Improving the self rural areas"; "Development proposals for the improvement of rental relations in agricultural production."

Supporting good traditions, and at the department is conducted considerable scientific work on the most pressing issues of today, such as: "Justification of sustainable development of rural communities and territories as bases efficiency of local government in the administrative-territorial reform"; "Justification areas of social partnership formation and development of industrial relations in rural communities"; "To develop the concept of biosocial systems of industrial relations in the countryside in modern conditions"; "Lease relations in the agricultural enterprises"; "Effective use of leased land and preserve their fertility." "Improving organizational and economic mechanism of management in agricultural production."

According to the results of research only in the last ten years by the department published over 115 scientific papers, published a series of recommendations, monographs. Defended 97 candidate and 14 doctoral theses.

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