The international scientific-practical conference "AGRICULTURAL POLICY OF UKRAINE IN CONDITIONS OF GLOBAL CHALLENGES“ devoted to 70th Anniversary of the Faculty of Economics

Accommodation and Venue

Conference Venue

Plenary Session, Conference Conclusions – build. #10, room 228.
11 Heroyiv Oborony Street,
03041 Kyiv, Ukraine
Conference Sections (September 23-24, 2021) –
1. Food security, agricultural policy in the context of global challenge (build. 10, room 228)
2. Financial and banking support, tax regulation and insurance protection of enterprises of the agricultural sector of the economy of Ukraine (build. 10, room 231)
3. Agribusiness and stock exchange activities (build. 10, room 412)
4. Development of accounting, analysis and audit in the conditions of institutional and globalization changes(build. 10, room 612)
5. Management, marketing, logistics and foreign economic activity (build. 10, room 233)
6. Internationalization of tertiary agricultural economic education on the example of the international science project EU-Erasmus + "From Theoretical-Oriented to Practical Education in Agrarian Studies" (TOPAS) (build. 10, room 309)



1. NULES Campus hotel
……… UAH for 1 night (breakfast is not included)
1A Rodymtseva Street, 03041 Kyiv, Ukraine


2. NULES student dormitory
….. UAH for 1 night (breakfast is not included)

1 Rodymtseva Street, 03041 Kyiv, Ukraine


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