Department of Land-Use Planning

Head of department:
Andrii Martyn

Doctor of Economy, Associate Professor


Department of Land-Use planning provides training of Bachelor students by direction "Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management" and Master student by specialty "Land Management and Cadastre".

Over the last decade, the department became one of the leading centers of land use science and education in Ukraine.
The mission of the department is to provide students with modern knowledge, so they will be able to provide responsible engineering solutions to integrate management of land, water, and forest resources, to regulate urban development systems, to ensure the conservation of biodiversity and natural resources to meet the needs of humanity.
Teaching and research work of the department is focused on issues of spatial planning, regulation of land and property relations, rural development and sustainable land use. Much attention is paid to the completion of the land reform in Ukraine, administrative-territorial structure and management of agricultural real estate.
D active in the preparation of regulations and documents in the field of standardization, which will bring the land in Ukraine to the best practices of the European Union.
The Department has well-known experts on land management, economics, land use, land law, territorial management, surveying, with extensive experience of work on land management, spatial planning.
The department operates educational laboratory 'Land-Use Planning'

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