Education and Research Institute of Forestry and Landscape-Park Management

Research Institute of Forestry and Landscape Gardening

The research activities are coordinated by the Research Institute of Forestry and Decorative Gardening (Director, Doctor of Sciences, professor Roman D.Vasylyshyn). The Institute’s research focus is directed towards fundamental and applied issues of forest science, landscape-park management and architecture, wood processing and environmental protection.

There are four scientific schools of thoughts in the Institute: the forest typology school of Academician Petro Pohrebnyak, the afforestation and reforestation school of professor Borys Lohinov, the forest amelioration school of professor Vasyl Bodrov, the forest mensuration school of professor Konstantin Nikitin.

Research Institute of Forestry and Landscape Gardening


Roman D. Vasylyshyn
Doctor of Sciences, Professor

The Research Institute of Silviculture and Decorative Gardening was established in 2001 to carry out joint research in the area of forestry, forest protection, park-gardening and landscape architecture. Essential part of research carries out in the Boyarka forest experimental station and laboratories of the botanical garden of NUBIP of Ukraine. Except above mentioned, extended field research are going on in forests of state forest enterprises, suburban and urban forests, forest-agricultural landscapes, wildlife refuges, forest nurseries, plantations.

Research Institute of Silviculture and Decorative Gardening carries out scientific activity within the priority “Environmental preservation and sustainable development” according to the State Scientific Program “Bioresources: sustainable management, conservation, enrichment” and to the State Program “Forests of Ukraine” for the period 2002-2015 years. The activity of the Institute is directed to carrying out fundamental and applied researches of actual problems of forest science, park gardening and environmental protection, increasing productivity of forest ecosystems and optimization of agro-forest landscapes, resource-saving technologies of competitive wood and wooden goods production.

The staff of the Research Institute consists of 19 Doctor of Sciences and 58 researchers with PhD degree.
The preparation of professional scientific staff is carried out through post graduate programs. The defense of dissertations is carried out in two specialized Academic Councils: D 26.004.09 (the Head of the Council – prof. Lakyda P.I.) – for specialties: artificial reforestation and phytomelioration (agricultural and biological sciences), forest inventory and forest mensuration, forest ecosystem sciences and silviculture (agricultural and biological sciences); K 26.004.11 (the Head of the Council – prof. Pinchevska O.O.) – for specialties: technology of wood processing, production of furniture and goods from wood. During last three years 33 PhD dissertations and two Doctor of Sci. dissertations were defended successfully.

The main directions of scientific activity of the Institute are:

  • optimization of forest growing processes, elaboration modern systems of forest establishment considering principles of close to nature silviculture;
  • improving of forest management based on introduction of forest certification tools and GIS-technologies;
  • elaboration of normative-information provision for rational forest resource management;
  • monitoring of forests in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, elaborating the scientific-based system of measures for reducing the risk of catastrophic forest fires;
  • optimization of structure of protective plantations of agro-forest landscapes as a component of the National ecological network;
  • elaboration the resource-saving technologies of low quality wood processing;
  • protection, conservation, enrichment of diversity woody plants in modern urban ecosystem conditions, elaboration the scientific bases of inventory, protection and optimization of non-native species application in Ukraine’s forests;
  • elaboration of methodical bases and technologies of propagation fast-growing and decorative tree species in culture in vitro conditions for plantation forestry and landscaping.

The results of the research of Institute are significant contribution to the development of forest science and landscape gardening and create strong basis for further improvement of higher education in forestry.

As a result of researches 19 monographs, 2 textbooks, 9 educational textbooks, 15 brochures, 465 scientific articles, including 32 in international publications, 276 abstracts of reports of conferences, seminars were published during last three years. Researchers of the Institute prepared and published 93 methodical elaborations and got 116 patents of Ukraine for invention.

As a result of completed researches 64 scientific-practical recommendations were prepared, 54 scientific elaborations were introduced in practice on different levels of forest management.

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