Scientific Council

On major issues of the University Scientific Council is formed ([email protected]), which solves the following issues:

  • Considering the improvements authorized University activities, rational use of material and financial resources;
  • On the proposal of the Rector of the University decide on all matters of the educational process and scientific research;
  •  Approve plans for scientific research;
  •  Creates a commission to study and prepare specific questions for consideration at the meetings of the Scientific Council;
  •  Endorses the decision on establishment, reorganization or liquidation in due course of the university departments, including the rights of legal persons;
  •  Make proposals to improve provisions for units of the University;
  •  Develop proposals for changes to this Charter and transmit them to the Conference approval of the personnel;
  •  Ranks applicants for vacant seat by the Rector of the vote and submit proposals to the supervisory board;
  •  Considers the proposal of the Rector of the appointment of rectors, chief accountant, university department heads;
  •  Consider in due course on a post teaching scientists and research workers;
  •  Assigns to the established order of academic rank of professor, associate professor, senior research fellow and honorary titles;
  •  Involved in identification of the material and moral stimulation of work.

Agenda meeting of the Scientific Council of the Rector of the University formed by the basis of suggestions of the heads of its structure units.

The decision of the Scientific Council of the University will take effect upon its approval by the Rector of the University.

Questions of educational and scientific institutes and centers reviewed and approved by the academic councils of these structural units. The size of the council, term, terms of rotation of its members, functions, procedures and work rules established by the relevant provisions.

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