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Our graduates

     Our path lies to Europe, and we need knowledge of other European languages (English, German, French) for its understanding. Department of Foreign Philology and Translation has always been that "bridge" to Europe, where students learn the language, literature and culture of different countries, where they borrow European spirit of freedom, intelligence and get deep philological knowledge, culture, thoughts.

      Department of Foreign Philology and Translation has trained highly qualified bachelors and masters in the specialty "Philology (translation)", successfully working in teaching field at the translation agencies, tourism, the media, at the government, national cultured societies, private companies, enterprises with foreign investment and so on.

         Some students after graduation from the Humanities and Pedagogy Faculty particular from our department, comes to state universities in Germany. They write research papers. They can be officially employed. For example, our graduates Usichenko Mary and Peter Muharovskyy studying at German universities.




         Maria Usichenko - Master's student 1st year of study of Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy, has chosen a program with Germanic additional specialization "Information" and "History and Culture of Latin America" in Bilefeldskomu University (Universität Bielefeld).



       “It all depends of the willingness of students,” teachers say. Typically, the final year students looking for work au pair, which helps to settle in a foreign country, to improve the language and get useful contacts to enter into universities thence. For example, Julia Boyko actively realizes herself in Germany, working in preschools Aushilfe a Waldorf Kindergarten in Hamburg.



         Therefore, graduates from the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation actively work on their own professional development and improvement. Postgraduate Study at the T.Shevchenko University became good start to improve their skills in a scientific field for graduates from our department Anna Ostapenko.



        For example, Julia Voznyuk – graduated from university in 2013, worked at the television channel "Ukraine". She enjoys writing poetry, she published a book of poems "Melody of Love" in 2016. Our graduates are very easy to work in the media, on television. After all writing about Europe and the world easier for those who know foreign languages.



          Graduates from the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation can easily seize the world, during the existence of the department its graduates have become leading specialists at numerous enterprises in Ukraine.
         For example, Ksenia Lypovych – graduated from university in 2013, is the leading expert specialist in EPAM Ukraine.


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