Department of Foreign Philology and Translation

International activity

   The international work of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation is being carried out within the framework of the implementation of the Holosiivka Initiative-2020 University Development Program and the European Union Horizont 2020 project, as well as the promotion of Goethe-Institute educational projects and the French Institute in Ukraine.
    The main purpose of the international work of the department of foreign philology and translation is to form students and scientific and pedagogical staff of foreign language competence from their chosen specialty, as well as to promote the educational, professional, scientific and intercultural communication of students and teachers with the actors of the European educational and economic space.
    For many years, the department has been in close contact with the French Association for Friendship without Frontiers (ASF) and the Federation "France-Ukraine Exchange" (FEFU), which annually selects students for internships in farms and agricultural enterprises in France.

   Organization and participation of students in international performances, seminars, meetings was one of the traditional measures to expand the professional circle of communication and improve the study of the French language at the Faculty.
    Conducting an international scientific and practical seminar "Language portfolio and professional motivation - tools for the success of French-speaking agrarian specialists" with the participation of French teachers, Monique Duffe and Dominic Belavard allowed students to focus on the importance of communication in foreign languages, the mastery of socio-cultural knowledge and the need to create a positive image of the personality of a specialist.

   The report "Trends in Higher Education and Science in France" Benoit Lesafra, Chief Auditor of the French Ministry of Agriculture, President of AgroSupDijon (Higher Agricultural School in Dijon) has become a pearl of this event.

   On June 08, 2017, during the XXIX International Agro-Industrial Exhibition AGRO-2017, faculty members actively participated in the International Seminar-Discussion "Agrarian Education and Science of Ukraine: Time to Reboot".
    The department of foreign philology and translation is also preparing to celebrate the 120th anniversary of NUBiP of Ukraine. Representatives of the French Embassy, namely Nicolas Peren, Agriculture Advisor to the French Embassy in Ukraine, Sylvan Rigole, Attaché of the University and Scientific Cooperation of the French Embassy in Ukraine, are the venerable participants in the events held by the Department.

   Аn International scientific and practical seminar "Franco-Ukrainian Cooperation in the Agrarian Sector: Education and Professional Circles" was organized with the participation of Philip Genet, Vice President of the Federation "France-Ukraine" and the internship program manager Pascal Belavender on the basis of the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy and the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation.

    The speakers described various types and areas of cooperation, internship programs in France, a video clip, whose students became our heroes.
    The department also prepares students for participation in the Erasmus + scholarship competition, namely the Lille School of Engineering (ISA Lille).


   Acquired knowledge, skills and abilities in a foreign language, practical experience of working abroad from the chosen specialty, the fulfillment of professional tasks and responsibilities, and the acquisition of innovative knowledge is a great prospect and a reality in expanding the outlook of a future specialist.

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