Environmental diplomacy or unique opportunities of NULES of Ukraine

5 жовтня 2021 року

 International students of group 19001b of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy gladly took part in the work of the conversation club in the ecoclass of the Botanical garden of our university. The practical lesson was conducted by Olena Turitsyna, an assistant at the department of Romance and Germanic languages and translation. And this is a unique opportunity for our university - in a pandemic to conduct training sessions in the fresh air.

     The future diplomats discussed issues that are important for their careers. The subject of discussion was an article by Natalia Yakovenko, a professor at the Institute of International Relations, in which she commented on the most pressing issues of diplomatic protocol and etiquette: requirements for the appearance of diplomats and politicians, the ability to properly show or hide emotions, communication with other cultures and important accents. Students were fluent in English, discussing with each other. The issues of punctuality, relevance or inappropriateness of the choice of topics during diplomatic receptions were interesting for discussion. The erudition of international students was complemented by interesting cases from the history of diplomacy. The result of the lesson was a great mood and high scores for activity. We encourage our colleagues to take advantage of the warm autumn days and conduct practical classes in the eco-class!

Sofia Shcherbyna,
student of group 19001b, specialty "International relations"

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