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25 вересня 2021 року

On September 24, students of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy majoring in Social Work met with Mykola Tomenko, chairman of the supervisory board of NULES of Ukraine, politician and public figure. "The best half of humanity" (most of them are girls!), in our hall waiting for interesting discoveries and holding their breath, were listening about famous people, their histories, the seven wonders of Ukraine (Kyiv, historic cities and settlements, natural wonders, wonderful tourist routes, castles, fortresses, palaces, etc.). Mykola Volodymyrovych is a man for whom Ukraine is above all! And a man in Ukraine for him - above all!

   Our lecturer is the author of a number of successful patriotic projects. The founder of the Ridna Kraina Foundation cares about preserving our past, monuments and memories of heroes and creators, thinkers and builders. His projects cannot be listed: ethnic - "EthnoSummer: Ivana Kupala in Sofiivka", "EthnoSummer: XIX Kupala Games in Gogol's homeland", "EthnoWinter in Pereyaslav", "EthnoWinter: Maslyana in Bukovina", "EthnoVesna: Europe Day in the homeland of Vasyl Symonenko" etc.; patriotic - "Ukraine needs heroes", the project of patriotic social advertising "We love Kyiv - we respect Ukraine", "Zaporizka Sich has become blue-yellow", "Your Shevchenko", the action "Kobzar unites Ukraine", "Native country" continues to restore Shevchenko's room " … About Kyiv of Shevchenko and Kaniv with Shevchenko's room and a monument to Kobzar at the place of his eternal rest.


   And help in erecting a monument to Honta and Zaliznyak in Uman, erecting a monument to Ivan Mazepa in Kharkiv region, supporting interesting local lore research, creating museums (Mykola Kostomarov), reviving Shevchenko’s Kyiv, and other good deeds. We were all pleased to learn that the NULES team of Ukraine, led by rector Stanislav Nikolaenko, joined Mykola Tomenko's initiatives. At one time, the orchard was restored, the well near the Taras Shevchenko House-Museum on Kyiv Priorka was cleaned, etc.

   Ukrainian traditions, customs and rites are widely represented and popularized in Mykola Volodymyrovych's projects and actions. In them it is possible to see exhibitions-fairs of national masters, the ethnographic actions touching to depth of soul; to feel the victorious events of famous Ukrainians, to see a retrospective of the struggle for freedom from the princely era of Kievan Rus, the Cossack era, the victors of the Ukrainian People's Republic, the soldiers of World War II, the current defenders of Ukraine.
   Our students listened to the voice of Vasyl Symonenko from the project “Classics of Ukrainian Literature. Living Voices,” considered Taras Shevchenko’s landscape drawings, which are divided into two groups: drawings depicting rural landscapes and those depicting historical and architectural monuments. They are full of light and air, comfort and tranquility. Shevchenko conveyed the color of the sky especially subtly. The album of Shevchenko's etchings is a unique pearl of Ukrainian graphics "Picturesque Ukraine". Researchers of Kobzar's legacy emphasize that 240 of Shevchenko's poetic works have reached us, and almost 1,200 of oil paintings, watercolors, sepia, etchings, and drawings. This number testifies to his deep love for painting.

   Students majoring in "Social Work" listened carefully to the sights of Ukraine and their first desire was to look at ancient Lviv. This city is not only the historical capital of the Halytska land, but also a European city with great cultural traditions, in particular - literary and artistic. Lviv has become an object of admiration and inspiration for the work of outstanding artists of the world. Leopold von Sacher Masoch and Stanislaw Jerzy Letz were born and raised in Lviv. Habriela Zapolska, Maria Konopnytska lived, worked and found their last rest here in Lviv, found eternal rest in Lychakiv cemetery. There were those who did not stay long in Lviv, but forever left memories of the city in their work (Sholom Aleichem, Heinrich Senkevich, Ethel Lilian Voynich and many, many others).

   Literary Lviv is famous for Polish, French, Austrian, Jewish novelists, story writers, science fiction writers, playwrights, poets… Oleksandr Fredro - a famous Polish writer, playwright - part of Halychyna history. The world-famous Honore de Balzac twice visited Lviv (1847-1848, 1849-1850). The image of A. Mickiewicz is forever engraved in the Lviv stone. Jan Parandowski is a well-known Polish writer, translator of myths and legends of Ancient Greece into Polish and Ukrainian, author of the book "Mythology" - from Lviv. Pavlin Sventsytsky is a Lviv literary critic and translator of Shakespeare's works. Stanislav Jerzy Lec, an outstanding master of aphorisms, is from Lviv. Ivan Franko, Mykhailo Kotsyubynsky, Mykhailo Hrushevsky, Solomiya Krushelnytska, Maria Zankovetska, Maria Volska, Les Kurbas, Mykhailo Boychuk, Ivan Trush, Stanislav Lyudkevych, Bohdan Stupka, Dmytro Pavlychko, Kost Levytsky, Andrei Sheptytsky also walked these streets. Volodymyr Ivasyuk, Ihor Bilozir… Lviv is beautiful at any time of the year. This is a holiday city that will be remembered forever, a museum city and a city of museums, theaters, shops and cafes! Even the means of the video of the film will have enough impressions for a long time about the high spirituality, dignity and nobility of Lviv residents, their careful attitude to their architecture and respect for culture and art. Lviv is an inspiration, admiration, beauty and boundless love… that does not pass.

  For many students, the discovery was our hero, six-time champion of champions in Greek-Roman wrestling Ivan Piddubny, and most importantly - a patriot of his native land! In 1927, Ivan received the title of the most beautiful man in the United States. He won a prize of $ 500,000. To obtain it, Piddubny had to accept American citizenship. However, Ivan waved his hand and returned to Ukraine with empty pockets. "We need to properly prepare for the anniversary of Ivan Piddubny to tell the truth about the Great Ukrainian, who often repeated:" I believe in God, but I do not know the saints, so I keep the Kobzar instead, "- added Mykola Tomenko.

    Video materials, books, manuals of Mykola Volodymyrovych, stories, his passion for sports, support of our athletes, ability to keep interest in the topic of discussion from the first to the last minute - this is the true pedagogical influence of the lecturer on students that keeps the audience interested in his memory (courageous defenders of the Fatherland, the faith of the father, the will of the Cossacks), and most importantly - to create the Ukrainian world on their God-given land.
   The dean of the faculty Inna Savytska was very grateful to the lecturer Mykola Tomenko.
   We would like to wish Mykola Tomenko new creative achievements, exciting projects, generous patrons for their implementation, attentive and hard-working students! And most importantly - let's all build the Ukrainian world together! We have no other Ukraine!

Tamara Kovalchuk, associate professor of the department
of management and educational technologies

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