Excellent students represented the university at the XXII All-Ukrainian meeting of student leaders in agricultural education

7 червня 2021 року

On May 20-21, 2021, on the eve of the "123rd anniversary of NULES of Ukraine", Sumy National Agrarian University hosted the XXII All-Ukrainian Rally of student leaders, named fellows and excellence leaders of the XXI century AIC in online format.

    The National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine Hennadiy Rzhevskyi, director of the ESC of educational work and social development and students-scholars and excellent students of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy: Oleksandr Podhaetskyi, student of pedagogy specialty "Vocational education", 1st year; Marharyta Hulyan, student of the department of pedagogy, specialty "Vocational education", 3rd year; Kateryna Yanyk, a student majoring in Philology, 4th year.
    The first day of the rally was full of various events: grand opening, acquaintance with the university, discussion panel with the participation of leading agro-industrial enterprises "Dual education through the eyes of leaders of agricultural education" and a meeting of the joint council of student government.

The next day, all participants of the rally were able to take part in round tables, of which there were seven from different areas of study:

1. Modern models of agriculture.
2. Precision farming and digital technologies in this year.
3. Circular economics-rethinking waste as a resource.
4. Sustainable development and environmental safety.
5. Modern technologies in animal husbandry. Veterinary medicine.
6. Leadership and formation of an individual brand.
7. Innovative development of agro-industrial complex and rural areas

      During the closing ceremony, the participants of the rally were summed up and awarded

Marharyta Hulyan,
student of the department of pedagogy of the
faculty of humanities and pedagogy
Hennadiy Rzhevskyi,
director of ESC



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