NULES of Ukraine as a center of state formation: the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution

2 червня 2021 року
It is a known fact that on June 28, 1996 at 9 o'clock. 18 min after almost 24 hours of continuous work, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted and enacted the Constitution of Ukraine. 315 deputies voted for the basic law, 36 were against, 12 abstained. It was a difficult process that completely legalized and established the independence of our state.

   At the initiative of the department of philosophy and international communication on the basis of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy was held a scientific seminar "Human rights and freedoms in the context of the realities of modern Ukraine" (to the 25th anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine). The seminar was attended by students majoring in "Physical culture and sports", "Philology", "Psychology" and graduate students of the department of philosophy and international communication.
The event was opened by the deputy dean of the faculty Ya.M. Rudyk, who in his introductory speech noted that the constitution of Ukraine is the basic law of the country. It enshrines the rights, freedoms and responsibilities of man and citizen. The Constitution guarantees the right to free and comprehensive development of the individual. According to the main law, everyone has the right to respect for his dignity. At the same time, knowing one's rights and fulfilling one's responsibilities is the main precondition for the stability of the state.


   The moderators of the event were teachers of the department of philosophy and international communication, associate professor A.H. Suprun and T.V. Horbatyuk. The guest of the event was associate professor of physical culture and sports O.V. Otroshko. The speakers declared a wide range of issues for discussion, which found a response in the student environment. Bright and interesting was the report of Oksana Hrabovska, a student majoring in “Physical culture and sports”, who presented the personality of Pylyp Orlyk, a Ukrainian politician, one of the compilers of the first constitutional act, which is called the world's first constitution. Zakharchuk Maksym's report "Rights and freedoms in the information and communication activities of modern man" aroused great interest, raising the topic of information warfare and its consequences for the independence of our state. Appropriate questions were asked by students of psychology and philology. In particular, Sofia Okhota, a student majoring in “Philology”, took an active part in the discussion of the reports.



   Within the framework of this event, a large number of students of the Faculty of NULES of Ukraine made interesting reports. Sometimes it was difficult for the moderators to stop the heated discussion.

   In general, the scientific-methodical seminar considered the problems and realities of Ukraine and its basic law - the Constitution, expressed hopes and outlined prospects for the rights and freedoms of citizens, historical and modern worldview, worldview and socio-cultural transformations in today's conditions. For students, this event was another step in expanding the knowledge and experience of citizenship and patriotism.

Alina Suprun,
associate professor of the department of philosophy and international communication


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