Despite the circumstances (May victories of the teams of the department of cultural studies)

2 червня 2021 року

   May is always a busy month: the end of the semester, credit-examination session, preparation for CEE (Centralized entrance exam), University Day… However, even in this busy schedule, members of the creative teams of the department of cultural studies find a place for their favorite activities and participation in All-Ukrainian and International creative projects.
   supporting talented young people in realizing their creative potential, creating opportunities for creative communication, discovering new talents, mutually enriching cultural traditions are extremely important in educating gifted individuals, and finding new ways and creative incentives to implement educational tasks, especially during a pandemic, inspires creative youth.
   The Festival was attended by members of the folk female vocal ensemble "Octava" under the guidance of a lecturer at the department of cultural studies Nina Melikova.
   Assessing the creative approach and individuality of the performers, the realization of the idea of works of art, the level of performing skills, artistry and stage culture, the aesthetics of stage clothes of more than 400 participants, the festival jury awarded the Octava GRAND PRIX, and awarded Nina Volodymyrivna.
   And how can girls who have such a talented leader not be the best? During the quarantine, Nina Volodymyrivna had a new creative idea - and so the trio "ToNika" appeared at the department (it was joined by the head of laboratories Iryna Lytvynenko and specialist Tetyana Symonenko). It is in this line-up that ToNika took part in the ZirkaFest International television festival-competition with its new song Vinochok. Kyiv rainbow ". Their first pancake did not become a snack - in "ToNika" - also the GRAND PRIX!
   But the art studio "Seven Steps", or rather, the vocal-instrumental group Get Men under the guidance and mentorship of associate professor, Honored artist of Ukraine Roman Rudyi, in May was tested by two selection stages of the festival "Rock Bulava 2021". The group consists of senior students of the faculty of information technology: Vladyslav Kharchenko, Artem Andriychuk, Oleksandr Zakharchenko, Karolina Kuznyuk and a first-year student of the faculty of food technology Clinton Ahu. The team performed the author's songs "Forever", "You know", "Draw", "Maybe it's love", "You're nobody’s". From the first chords, the audience was impressed by the uplifting mood of the young artists, so the team advanced to the finals of the International Rock Festival, which will take place on June 18-20 in Cherkasy.

   We sincerely rejoice in the success of our teams, congratulations! New victories to you and new fans!

Iryna Maidanyuk,
head of the department of cultural studies


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