NULES of Ukraine impresses again: professionalism and effective communication

22 травня 2021 року

 For two days in a row - May 19 and 20, 2021, the II International Conference "Professional languages and new methods of their teaching", which brought together in its academic circle the scientists, researchers, prominent scientists, students not only from Ukraine but all over the world.

After the opening of the LSP 2021 conference (Languages for Specific Purposes 2021), the keynote speaker was Dr Mario Pace from the University of Malta, Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy - Cavaliere dell Ordine della Stella d'Italia "(OSI), an award presented by the President of Italy for his contribution to the development of intercultural education.

Dr. Pace is not only a specialist in the training and development of professional skills of future foreign language teachers at the Department of Humanities of the Faculty of Education of the University of Malta, he is also an advisor to the Ministry of Education in Malta on foreign language teaching / learning. in the field of teaching and learning foreign languages in the Maltese islands. Moreover, Dr. Pace is responsible for the development and implementation nationwide of a new foreign language teaching program in Malta, the SPA and FLAP Assessment Programs.

The exchange of experiences in the interlingual and intercultural space with such experienced speakers was continued. At the panel meeting, representatives from Poland (Prof. Daniel Kalinowski, Slupsk), Malaysia (Dr. Norkairi bin Ahmad, Kuala Lumpur), India (Dr. Asma Farouk and Dr. Amit Kumar Goel, Lucknow) ), Australia (Dr. Nadiya Chubko and teacher Larisa Chibis, Perth), United Arab Emirates (Dr. Muhammad Jammal, Dubai).

In a closer circle of discussions and debates there was an acquaintance both with scientific and pedagogical representatives of the world community, and with students of universities of Ukraine and abroad in session halls on certain subjects.

The speakers impressed with the variety of presentations and presentations for discussion of research results. The 180 participants of LSP 2021 unanimously state the need and expediency of holding such events on an ongoing basis, as well as express their interest in creating online mobility programs for university faculty and in launching international cross-cultural audiences for students.

This initiative of foreign guests and conference organizers was supported by speakers from 27 universities in Ukraine. It is safe to say that LSP 2021 is marked by the status of the All-Ukrainian Conference in addition to the International. This geography allows us to be proud of the fact that Ukraine is one of those scientific platforms that is able to combine the achievements of participants and promote professionalism, professionalism in the world through updated channels of effective multilingual and multicultural communication.

Until We Meet Again!

Oksana Chaika, Oleksandr Polishchuk,
associate professors of the department of
Romance and Germanic languages and translation

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