The library reveals secrets

27 березня 2021 року

 For many years, the department of cultural studies of NULES of Ukraine has been cooperating with the State Library of Ukraine for Youth. And even before the strengthening of quarantine measures, first-year students of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Aquatic Bioresources managed to get acquainted with this powerful cultural center, as told by Anastasia Bilko - a freshman majoring in "TVPPT".

Recently, the group and I visited the State Library of Ukraine for Youth. We were greeted by friendly and sincere employees, and Svitlana Pavlivna Zhukovska, the head of the reference and information service department, immediately took us under her wing. She led us through the cozy library halls.

We were first told how to register at the library and how easy it is to find the book you need. And, in addition, how to use professional help in the library. Didkivska Nina Hryhorivna, Head of the Department of Registration and Statistical Accounting of Users, showed samples of forms and a modern reader's ticket made of plastic.

Then we visited the subscription department, where its head Podolyan Zoya Pavlivna told us about the rules of taking the book home and returning it, as well as how many books are stored, where they are stored and in what categories they are arranged. They also told about the "Give a book" campaign, which is very important, because a book that is no longer interesting to you can get a second life in the library.

The next room was with a variety of magazines, which selected articles with useful information, and also singled out leisure magazines, where you can find interesting information to implement new ideas. Natalia Vasylivna Lypets, head of the periodicals department, told about it.
And in this library there is a department where books in a foreign language are collected, which help to improve your skills and increase your vocabulary in a certain language. Shlapak Tetyana Viktorivna - head of the department of literature in foreign languages shared plans for interesting events organized by the department/

Attracted the attention of students and reading rooms, where there is literature in free access and the opportunity to work on the Internet.
Anna Viktorivna Venidyktova, the head of the arts department, told about the rich book fund and various activities and invited students to join interesting actions and events, one of which we became participants of after the tour. But about this – In the next post.

After this tour, we had a pleasant experience and a new place where you can learn, learn something new and relax, reading your favorite books.

Anastasia Bilko, a freshman majoring in TVPPT
Photos are taken by associate professor of the department
of cultural studies Yaryna Puzyrenko

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