Fourth-year student Alina Cheberyako: my way to becoming a translator will be at the NULES of Ukraine master's degree

26 березня 2021 року


  • — Good afternoon, Alino. Thank you for agreeing to our interview. Tell us about yourself.

     — Good day! My name is Alina Cheberyako. I am a graduate of Ivankivska Secondary School of I-III Grades №1, Kyiv Region, and currently a fourth-year student at the faculty for humanities and pedagogy, majoring in philology (translation included).
Since childhood, my life has been connected with learning languages: attending clubs, watching movies, reading books in English, traveling to different English-speaking countries. In high school, I realized that I had a desire to learn more and improve my language skills. During my school years I was a winner of district and regional competitions; in extracurricular activities conducted a group for primary school children to learn English. Therefore, by the time I finished school, I already knew what profession I would choose in the future. I decided for myself: I want to become a philologist.

  • — Why did you choose NULES of Ukraine?

     — After graduating from school, I had a problematic question: "Where do I plan to study?" Therefore, I began to monitor various interesting options for universities. Everyone has their own criteria for choosing a profession and university: someone pays attention to earnings, someone - to demand. And I chose a profession based on my knowledge, and, as they say, "closer to the soul." For me, the priority was to find exactly the free economic zone that will allow me not only to study in Ukraine, but also abroad. She applied for admission to several educational institutions. However, she preferred the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, which she heard a lot from parents, their colleagues, students who studied there and shared good impressions.

  • — Have your expectations from studying at the University come true?

     — My acquaintance with the university impressed me! It has everything for a successful profession: convenient location, green area, clean air, good educational buildings, equipped with modern technical equipment, instructors who are professionals in their field.
   I can only talk about the university with a smile. Despite the large area, countless buildings and students, you feel at home in all this, as if you are in your place. You are a part of this huge organism.
   The Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy, which I chose, did not disappoint in anything. From the first weeks of training you feel that you will have to sweat, but it is perceived more as an opportunity to achieve something, to reveal yourself, than hard work. When there is desire and determination, then no difficulties are terrible. It is in NULES of Ukraine that there is a wide choice of foreign languages: French, German, Polish, English, Spanish and many others. It is the Polish language that deserves your attention! Our University works closely with the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk, which is located in Poland. From there, a large number of instructors come to us, who conduct interesting and informative seminars, conferences, classes for our students. We, in turn, practice and improve our speech.
   "Why Polish?" – you ask. And because the University provides an opportunity for students to study under the "Double Diploma" program. This program includes a semester of study in Poland (for 3 years), free accommodation in a dormitory and most importantly – obtaining an international diploma. Fortunately, I made my dream of studying abroad come true and became part of this program.
   Active student life is also a strong argument in favor of my University. In cultural and mass work, we are not inferior to any free economic zone. Every year we have a large number of different holidays. Participants impress with their creativity, modern numbers. Therefore, if you dream of learning to dance, sing, recite poems, play musical instruments, become an actor, then you – to us!

  • — Have you had the opportunity to test yourself professionally?

     — So! Last year, she had the opportunity to accompany a group of children on the Chornobyl Children program to England, where she was a coordinator, translator and just a mentor.
   In the same year I passed industrial pedagogical practice from the University in my school. She taught English lessons to elementary school students. Every lesson, children's eyes stared at me, burning with a spark of curiosity. After the internship, I gained a lot of experience working with children, positive emotions and the development of their skills.

     So, choosing the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, you must know and clearly understand what you want in this life and what you are ready to go for a successful future. If you stand for quality education, modern approaches, professional instructors, then welcome to us! And I can say with confidence that in the future my path to becoming a translator will be in the master's program of NULES of Ukraine!

Inna Hrabovska,
head of the department of English
for technical and agrobiological specialties

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