Congratulations on the 60th anniversary of the dean of the faculty for humanities and pedagogy Vasyl Dmytrovych SHYNKARUK

25 березня 2021 року

 Dear dean! Highly honored Vasyl Dmytrovych!

The whole friendly family of the faculty for humanities and pedagogy congratulates you on the anniversary!


Every person from the first moment of his birth writes a book of his life, creating his/her own destiny. The pages of your biography are thorough essays dedicated to the inspired service of the native land, full of events, hard and dedicated work, deep meaning and achievements and victories.

Fate gives you a rich event and an interesting life. You have a sharp mind and talent of the organizer, multiplied by a great desire to do good to people – the key to your success.

We know you, Vasyl Dmytrovych, as a competent and experienced specialist, demanding and extremely dedicated to his work, a wise and prudent leader, a talented scientist.

We are proud that you are the head of our faculty. During this time, thanks to your strategic and tactical thinking, managerial skills and informed decisions, a lot has been achieved: new specialties and educational-professional programs have been opened (now there are 17 of them), training programs for “double diplomas” (already 6) and educational English language programs at the bachelor's degree; new laboratories (media laboratory, simultaneous translation laboratory, social and psychological rehabilitation laboratory) and language centers were established, the scientific component was strengthened and the international activity of the faculty was intensified.

As a well-known scientist, dean of the elite faculty for humanities and pedagogy of a powerful university, you develop Ukrainian education and science, educate a new generation of Ukrainian citizens, passing on to every young man and every young man an invaluable treasure of high education and spirituality.

For instructors you are a role model, for students you are an authoritative instructor and mentor. Your life and managerial experience, significant scientific achievements serve as both theoretical and practical reference points for new generations of philologists, teachers, managers.

Despite the huge number of management cases, you always find time for everyone: to listen, advise, prompt, advise, sympathize, joke, defend, and sometimes quarrel, but still support.

First of all, we thank you for having a high skill - the ability to be a Man. A man of heart and sincerity, energetic and sociable, decent and balanced, purposeful and fair, persistent and hardworking. A man who has a great desire to do good!

And how not to mention the lines of Lina Kostenko:


Man lives on earth. He does not fly.
And he has wings. And he has wings!
They, those wings, are not made of feathers,
But out of truth, virtue and trust.
Someone has them made of fidelity in love.
Someone - of the eternal rush.
Someone - of sincerity to work.
Someone - of generosity to care.
Someone - of a song, or a hope,
Either of poetry or of a dream.
The man allegedly does not fly…
And still has wings. And still has wings!


Vasyl Dmytrovych, you have wings! Of eternal impulse, of sincerity to work, of generosity to care… But you see them in everyone, especially in students. And you always want to help those wings spread out to others!

Dear our anniversary selebrant! Our esteemed dean, Professor Vasyl Dmytrovych!
ХMay each page of your magazine be full of good health, well-being, generosity of destiny, happiness, creative inspiration, unquenchable energy and indefatigability in everyday life, bright successes and realization of the most cherished dreams. May God's blessing sanctify your way of life, and every day will be illuminated by a high rise of the soul, well-being and good mood. May your relatives always surround you with love and understanding, and your colleagues with respect. Good luck at all the crossroads of destiny!


With love and respect
faculty and student teams of the
faculty for humanities and pedagogy


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