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24 березня 2021 року

 The lecture on the subject "Ethnocultural Studies" on March 15, 2021 was special - Andriy Nakorchevsky visited the students and told a lot of interesting things about the culture of Japan. And although the meeting took place remotely, in the virtual audience, where more than 80 listeners gathered, there was a lively communication. First-year students majoring in Plant Protection and Quarantine and the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Aquatic Bioresources asked interesting questions and received comprehensive answers.

Andriy Nakorchevsky is an extremely interesting person - orientalist and landscape architect who was living and working in Japan for 30 years, professor at Keio University in Tokyo, author and translator of books "Shinto", "Japanese Buddhism", "Japanese Gardens", "Samurai songs","Tao de dzin", master professor of ikebana schools Ikenobo and Ohara.
Japan is a country that has many features and differences compared to Ukraine, so students were interested to learn about Japanese hospitality and tolerance, and the combination of traditional and modern in Japanese homes, and the educational process in Japanese universities and much more.
But perhaps the most important thing that our guest pointed out is the role of traditional ethnic culture in the development of modern Japan, because the Japanese have a great respect for their own history and culture, traditional crafts and holidays. And that is what helped Japan become one of the most developed countries in the world after World War II and maintain that leadership today. The country of the morning sun now exports not only the most advanced technological developments around the world, but also promotes its unique culture. So we have something to learn from the Japanese.
The students really enjoyed the meeting, which, according to freshman Evhenia Masko, "turned out to be very impressive, interesting, and most importantly - informative and useful. Now I plan to visit and travel in Japan in the future. "
Many thanks to Mr. Andriy Nakorchevsky for cooperation!

Yaryna Puzyrenko,
associate professor of the department of cultural studies

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