Center for Francophone Education and Culture: Parlons français with Monique Duffet

3 квітня 2021 року

  Finally, the French Spring visited NULES with its pleasures and expectations. It has already become a good tradition to welcome French guests to our university every spring. This year's meetings are still held remotely. C’est la vie!

    On the basis of the Center for Francophone education and culture of the faculty of humanities and pedagogy and with the support of our French partners: Josie Aneken, President of the Association "French as a foreign language" FLE Federation "Exchange France Ukraine" and Philippe Genet (co-president of this federation) online courses were organized with the French instructor Monique Duffet.
   FLE courses are held for French-speaking students of philology and students from other faculties - those who have successfully passed the competitive selection and will undergo internships in France.
   The first lesson took place on March 19. At it, students met teacher Monique Duffet and other FLE participants.

     Mrs. Duffe is an experienced teacher and a professional teacher of French. She has an individual approach to each student, helping to improve the level of knowledge, overcome the language barrier and acquire all the necessary language skills for future internships in France. Monique combines and puts into practice a variety of modern methods of teaching French, where the focus is on the learner. Our students learn to apply all their communication and creative abilities in practice.
   Classes are held twice a week and in each of them, students perform different types of tasks, learn the necessary vocabulary and most importantly - communicate in French, expressing their views. To diversify, students analyze and sing French songs, which are also a good method of learning the language.
   So, this course gives a lot of positives, breaks down barriers and immerses students in the French cultural environment. It is the language courses with Monique Duffet that help students form a strong motivation to learn French, such a beautiful but quite complex language. And we discuss not only the texts of the textbook, but also social issues that interest everyone.

     We are sincerely grateful to the Faculty of Humanities and Education for such a wonderful opportunity and experience in communicating with native speakers of French, representatives of the French-speaking country, efforts for our professional growth and future.
   Otož, parlons français!

Buryachenko Anastasia, Bashtova Kateryna,
Daria Beketova, a second-year student of the
faculty of humanities and pedagogy

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