Day of Unification of Ukraine through the eyes of international students

22 січня 2021 року

January 22 is not just a number on the calendar for Ukraine and every Ukrainian. It was on this day, 102 years ago, that two centuries-old parts of Ukraine were united into one great country.

The tradition of celebrating this day began in the Carpathian city of Khust in 1939, and the chains of unity appeared at the beginning of the XXI century. It was on the Paton Bridge in Kyiv that people created living chains, which symbolize the unity of two parts of our state, the two banks of the Dnieper.
Despite the quarantine restrictions, the desire to support this historical tradition did not leave me. I wanted to join hundreds of Ukrainians and feel part of a whole. It is such moments that fill you with sublime feelings and give you a sense of belonging to a large Ukrainian family, inseparability of ties with previous generations. It is on such days, when the whole country is united by the desire to join hands and symbolically show that we are one and indivisible people, one nation, that the heart is filled with pride. Therefore, today, January 22, 2021, on the Paton Bridge, we took part in a festive event dedicated to a tradition that is over a hundred years old.
It was extremely nice to see smiles on the faces of the people who met us. We hear greetings from car drivers who supported us with loud signals from their cars. Even the cold weather receded on this day, giving us the opportunity to carry the symbol of Ukrainian unity with great pleasure, contemplating the vast expanses of the majestic Dnieper.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mykola Petrovych Lytvyn for his assistance in taking part in such an event, with whom it was a great pleasure to communicate!
Unfortunately, due to quarantine restrictions, in order not to endanger ourselves and others, this year we were not able to build a living chain of people across Ukraine, but we did it online. Which did not affect the feeling of solemnity of the moment.
Therefore, we sincerely congratulate every citizen of our state on the Day of Unity of Ukraine and wish a peaceful sky in a peaceful united cathedral Ukraine !!!
Anna Gryshchuk,
student majoring in international relations,
faculty for humanities and pedagogics


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